1. Our parents wouldn’t let us get any of the Nintendo systems, but we did have a Sega Genesis. My brother’s friend who lived with us for a while also brought his N64 when we were in high school. I love the classic games. While we would have loved to get the original systems hooked up, none of our TVs have the right plug in.

    We did just invest in a Retron 5 and have been playing around with it. Pretty impressed with it so far, and a nice way to play all the original classics without having to have all the different systems. Tonight, we’re having an N64 party at our friends’ place.

    I love all our new games and systems, but man, nothing will beat the nostalgia of the older systems.

    • AbsentElemental

      A lot of people do love the older games. I get that there’s an appeal to them for sure, as I see it come out in my brother-in-law, and (to a lesser extent) my wife. There’s older games I’ll play too, but it’s just not as common. Perhaps my nostalgia gene just wasn’t properly conditioned.

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