1. Ah. Yes to all. Also, that last paragraph…so. freakin. hard. I am trying really, really hard right now to not turn into the thing I can’t stand (re: politics, ignoring compromise, etc).

    • AbsentElemental

      Yep. I felt like I had to write this. I’ve watched a lot of people whose opinions I respect fall into the trap of not wanting to hear opinions outside of their own echo chamber. It’s not fun to watch.

    • AbsentElemental

      Brain bananas. Smart celery. Thinkin’ ‘taters. Neural Nutella.

      Oh man…I really like Neural Nutella.

      • Thinkin’ ‘taters! Put that in my uncle’s thick Irish vocab, and it’ll tinkin’ ‘taters.

        I like neural Nutella, although it does sound…diseasey. But tasty.

          • I was going to say, I can imagine it coming from a Southerner, although for some reason in the setting of Coward the Dastardly Dog…

          • AbsentElemental

            That show was intended to be set in Kansas, I believe. Kansas is pretty much the south, only with more corn and less good food.

          • Have to take your word for it! I really need to do a more thorough US tour, my knowledge needs a better expansion. Accidental detours off of the highway (one time through Indiana) just don’t cut it.

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