1. I definitely like your list much better, if there has to be one at all.

    And I completely agree about LinkedIn. It’s a big part of why I’ve stopped actively using it. Once in a while I actually get to see an interesting article that is business oriented, but otherwise it’s filled with status updates that should remain on Facebook or Twitter.

    Just a sidenote–I tried clicking on your footnotes, but I couldn’t see the actual notes, it just refreshed the actual article.

        • AbsentElemental

          That would explain it. They’re not click footnotes. They’re hovertext. They’re supposed to be click footnotes on mobile, but free WordPress doesn’t let them work correctly. I’m planning to go to click footnotes on both mobile and not eventually, but I’m not there yet.

    • AbsentElemental

      That’s pretty accurate now. It was originally just to be career networking and finding jobs, but it’s morphed into Facebook, only everyone’s in a suit in their profile picture.

  2. branlynn86

    I’m not really a fan of LinkedIn. Don’t find it useful for me. From what I figured out, it’s pretty much like a “Facebook” for career based networking, finding jobs, posting your resume, etc.

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