1. As I said on Twitter, I’m sorry to see it didn’t take off for you. Not only have you been supporting great causes, but your work is fantastic.

    I’m sad to see you take a break, but I get it. I think as writers, often we need to take a break to rediscover our focus and fire. I think you’ll find it again. When you’re ready to come back, I’d love to do some promos for your book on my site. I’m trying to do more with it once the redesign is done, including featuring other writers and helping writers I know promo their work.

    • Tim

      Thanks. I really do appreciate your support. I feel like I won’t be gone from blogging long, if at all visually. Considering the fact that I’ve got 4 posts lined up already for the coming weeks, along with a few posts I’ve been meaning to write (though haven’t yet), I doubt there’ll be too much down time here. As for my other writing…that’s the part where I’m less sure how much time I’ll take off. I’d be happy to take you up on your promo offer, however. Just let me know what you want to do.

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