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I have never been much of a person for making goals for a coming year, especially not for my writing or my blog. Sure, there’s things I’d like to do, but I generally don’t set them out in goal form.

I thought I’d change that this year for a few different reasons. First and foremost, I’ve had this blog for a little over three years now. While I’ve enjoyed writing on this blog, it’s never quite reached the traffic levels of either of the two blogs I had before that. I recognize that part of that is timing related. Early on in this blog’s existence, the active blogging community I was part of closed its doors. I received a decent amount of traffic from that site, we well as various bloggers who frequented that site coming to my blog(s) directly. Losing that was unfortunate.

Additionally, I think blogging as a medium is in a decline. That’s not to say that people don’t read blogs anymore, as I don’t think that’s the case. What I do see, however, is a decrease in the number of bloggers who have stuck with blogging for a long time. I can count on one hand1Maybe two hands. But that’s only if I’m being generous or if I’m forgetting a lot of people. the number of bloggers who I’ve seen stick with blogging over the past three years. There’s new bloggers out there who write good content, but for every one new blogger I’ve seen, I can think of three or four that have stopped.

I do see other bloggers doing great things. I’ve watched Laidig grow her blog significantly over the past year. Tabitha does some of the better written posts you’ll come across. Todd does some quality (and frequent) work on his blog. There’s other great writers out there (even non-bloggers) who are doing great work that leaves me inspired to improve what I do each day.

In light of all of this, I think there’s definitely some value to setting some goals for my blog. Here’s the goals I’m setting for 2018, along with a short explanation of why I’m setting each. I recognize the numbers I’ll be mentioning below aren’t big numbers, but you have to start somewhere.

  • 20 new WordPress followers – This blog doesn’t have a ton of WordPress followers, as I get a decent amount of my traffic via my various social media accounts. That said, I did pick up 16 new WordPress followers last year, bringing the site’s total to 29. I’d like to think that picking up 5 new followers per quarter (on average) isn’t particularly outlandish as a goal.
  • Average 250 visits a month – Last year, That Tiny Website averaged 197 visits a month. On one hand, that was a great thing to see, as it was this site’s best year ever. On the other hand, my previous blog’s worst full year saw an average of 245 visits per month. This will be the site’s third full year in existence and second one where I’m writing fairly regularly. I don’t want to be lagging behind my old work anymore. I recognize that this is around a 27% growth number, but I’d like to think I can hit it.
  • Grow comment count by 20% again – My blog comment totals got thrown all out of whack when I migrated from WordPress.com to a self-hosted blog2Through my own error. I didn’t follow directions well.. As such, the only comment data I have is from 2016 and 2017, where I went from 102 comments to 122. Ideally, I’d like to see a similar percentage increase this year, which would mean 147 comments on this blog this year.

I realize that none of this will be able to be done without the help of you, those who are reading my blog. Some of you have been reading and interacting with me for quite a while. For that, I thank you. Others of you are likely new to this blog. Welcome. I hope you stick around a while.


What are some of your goals for the new year? If you’re a blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, or other creator, what are some of your personal growth goals for 2018? Sound off in the comments.

8 thoughts on “2018 Blog Goals”

  1. I just started blogging after many years of just “micro-blogging”… i wish you lots of luck and that all you reach all your goals!
    See you around!

    1. Best of luck to you as well! Feel free to stop back by whenever. I’ve found that the best way to grow a blogging community is to interact with other bloggers. It’s how I’ve been fortunate enough to find great friends through blogging.

  2. I have to double check about following this! I thought I was but I realized I haven’t received any updates on posts since at least late last fall.

    Thank you so much for the shoutout and the kind words.

    It’s definitely a different atmosphere, this new blogging world. I feel like those of us who are still blogging all took a hit when 20SB closed it’s doors. I think a big part of it is that community style of blogging is changing. When I ran Geeky Ambiguous Me anonymously, I capped at almost 4000 followers at one point. It was insane. I was averaging 15+ comments per post. Now I’m lucky if I even get a comment on a post. Which I think comments on actual blogs have actually declined as well.

    I think these are all great goals to set. I’d have some similar ones except I’m not entirely certain on how I would achieve them.

    1. That’s insane. I never realized you had that much traffic on that blog. I’m so jealous of that, as weird as that might sound.

      I’m really hoping I get the comment and follower goals in particular this year. Something tells me that I might get the traffic goals solely from the residual traffic from old posts, so hitting the other two would be ideal. With that said, you account for 75% of my comments on the new year so far, all just from today. So…maybe?

      1. Well, hopefully more than just myself will start commenting!

        I’m actually still surprised I ever had that much traffic. If I ever hit that again, I intend to celebrate with champagne and all!

        1. There was a day on one of my old blogs that I had around 2,500 visitors. I ended the week with just shy of 5,000 visitors for the month as a result of that. Had I known I’d go 7 years without having a month where I’d get 1/10th of that value, I’d have done the same — champagne an all.

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