For the second week in a row, you guys get a picture with my post. I feel like I’m turning into Laidig, only with less artistic talent1And no Scottish accent.. I’ve been doing far more travel than I’m used to over the last year, which means I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in airports. Sometimes, that travel leads me to see awesome things, much like the sky pothole in last week’s post. Other times, I run into things that are less well put together.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the worst time to be without power while travelling during the time immediately before your flight. The time leading up to a flight isn’t particularly boarding. After all, even if you get to the airport far earlier than you need to, there are generally televisions everywhere, with at least half of them not tuned to a news station. It’s not difficult to amuse yourself in an airport.

That said, the time leading up to a flight is a significant battery drain on your electronics, should you choose to use them. Considering the fact that many people choose to take advantage of mobile boarding passes, use their cell phones for ride sharing services, or spend their time in airports playing Pokemon Go2I’ve learned that some airports are better than others for Pokemon Go. O’Hare and Newark? Awesome. Cleveland and Las Vegas? Good, but not great. Atlanta? Hit or miss, depending on what terminal you end up in. Sacramento and San Diego? Eh…, good luck keeping that mobile device charged though being at the airport…and the plane ride…and getting through your destination airport…and in the car you’re taking to get to your hotel3Or wherever you’re staying. I’d also like to point out I’ve spent too much time in hotels in the past year..

And so we must rely on airport power outlets to charge up. In a best case scenario, the outlets are open, they function correctly, and they let you charge while taking advantage of airport wifi4Boingo wifi is a joke. Thank you to airports like Cleveland and Sacramento that give free wifi.. Sometimes, that leaves you in a situation where you have to use a not-so-stellar outlet like the one I had to use before my last trip.

I’m sure there’s some sort of deep life lesson in the balancing act my laptop’s power cord is performing. It’s probably something about how no matter how close to the edge life seems, just keep hanging on and doing your job. Eventually, you’ll find a place where you fit in better, no matter how precarious your position seems. That’s probably the lesson. I prefer a different lesson though.

Always bring enough spare batteries to power a small city.


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4 thoughts on “Precarious

  1. Scott and I always arrive at airports extra early, so that we can find a good spot with a charger, plug in, and stay there. Most of the time the airports we visit don’t have a heck of a lot going on, so we typically amuse ourselves by reading or writing and listening to music or playing mobile games. We typically don’t end up on flights that have wifi or outlets as we go for the cheapest possible flights, With all the travelling we’ve done, I like to think we have out process pretty down-pact.

    1. So I had never used in-flight wifi prior to going to San Diego a couple of months ago (mostly because I don’t end up on flights with wifi, but also because I don’t like paying for it). That said, on 3+ hour flights, it’s totally worth it to me. I just put headphones in and no one bothers me. I get so much done.

      1. Yep, that’s typically me as well. We’ve been fortunate–about 80% of the planes we’ve been on with WiFi was complimentary WiFi (keep in mind, we’ve only been on like, 5 planes with WiFi haha). If it was a long flight, I would definitely pay for it. Regardless of internet, I usually just plug in my headphones and read or write. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish by zoning out on an airplane.

        1. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a flight that has complimentary WiFi. Although I did just get free drink tickets from Southwest because of how much I’ve had to fly in the last 6-9 months, so perhaps it’s on the horizon for me, regardless. I’m fairly sure of the 24,000ish words I’ve written in my WIP, about 8,000-10,000 were written on planes in 2-3 flights. Now if only we could get airplane seats in coach to have plugs so my laptop wouldn’t die…

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