Mid-Month Short Story Challenge #7

Responses to this month’s prompt

The Airport (Tabitha Wells)

Time Crunch (Me)

Welcome to the short story challenge that you’ll have the least amount of writing time on all year. With February being the shortest month of the year, you get only 14 days to complete this prompt rather than the standard 15 or 16 days, depending on the month. Not that it’s a concern — in this month’s prompt, you’ll take the point of view of a very hurried woman and tell her story. Now rush along and write your story.

Your prompt is for this month below. Your story should be posted on March 1, 2018. Be sure to link back to this post so I can see your story and share. Thank you so much to Stephanie for her help in coming up with this prompt.

  • Suggested number of words: 1000 word limit
  • Seven words to work into your story: Dangling, aquarium, stroller, data, orthodox, handbag, berries
  • Genre: Slice of life/melodrama
  • Rating/Content Limitations: Your choice
  • Topic: You are an elderly woman who is rushing through the terminal of an airport. You are wearing three hats on your head, trying to balance them on your head as you drag a small rolling bag behind you.
    1. I’m excited to see your story. I’ve got to write my own response to this prompt this weekend…just have to find the time for it.

      1. I got about halfway through writing it and realized it said “You are” as in first person. Going to rewrite, but that’s okay. Makes it more of a challenge for me! I’m hoping to finish it today and schedule it so that I don’t forget about posting on the 1st!

        I’m excited to read yours too!

        1. Fun fact: I wrote the prompt posts well in advance typically (I wrote this one in early January), so by the time I get to them, I’ve forgotten what my prompt was more often than not. Makes it more of a challenge for me too.

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