Travel for Travel’s Sake

Over the past decade or so, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel a good bit for work at various jobs. I’ve gone on work trips with three of my last four employers, including trips to Manila, San Diego, Boston, Chicago, and other locations. I’ve written about a handful of those trips, including a recent venture to the city with the worst food on the planet.

One of the few places I haven’t had the chance to visit — either directly or via an airplane layover — was the state of New York. I’ve technically been there via a short layover in LaGuardia during undergrad, however I haven’t set foot in the actual state for any reason. So I went to the place that everyone thinks of when they think of the state of New York. Buffalo.

The thing about travelling that I’ve noticed1And I’m certain I’m not the only person to think this way. is that the more I like the food available in the city I’m in, the more likely I am to like the city itself. There are some exceptions to the rule, as there are cities with really good food that I’m not a particular fan of (Pittsburgh, Cleveland), as well as cities I love with food that isn’t so great (Santander, Spain comes to mind). Regardless of my thoughts on each individual city, the act of travelling is pretty great.

Prior to the age of 18, I had never been out of a one state radius of Ohio. Even then, nearly all of my trips out of state were to visit family that lived in the southeastern part of Kentucky. It wasn’t until college when I got to travel by myself for the first time that I truly understood the appeal to travel. Yeah, airports and planning can be hectic. And yes, if you pack your travel schedule too tightly with too many activities, travelling can be a draining experience. But the idea of exploring somewhere new for the first time is exciting.

That’s not to say I go into my travel blind. I’m the type of person that looks at maps2Be that Google Maps now or paper maps in my childhood and early adulthood. Even though I wasn’t travelling as a child, I still loved looking at maps. in excruciating detail prior to going on any planned trip. I love to know the layout of the city I’m travelling to. In many cases, I want to know where the history of the city is. That way, if time and funds allow me to, I can see that historical place for myself. And while some cities have more interesting places to visit than others3Every cathedral in Spain was the same thing. I know they’re all different. But I wanted to pull my hair out after hearing about how yet another church was built by rich people to honor some saint I didn’t care about., there’s still an appeal to it all, regardless of exactly what the location is.

In an ideal situation, there’s lots of places I’d love to visit. I might even write a post about those locations at some point in the nearish future. But until then, I’m going to be happy that I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a good bit for various jobs. This travel has allowed me to see interesting places (and also Tampa), eat tasty food, and get to experience locations I don’t believe I otherwise would have had the chance to see for myself.

Oh…and if you’re in Buffalo, get a pizza pod. They’re really good.

Travel for Travel’s Sake

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