2018 Charity Drive Update #1

Now that we’re just over two weeks into our charity drive, I wanted to give a quick update as to where we are in our efforts to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. As of December 2nd, we’ve raised $69.421In the original writing of this post, this value was reflected as $69.25, though I realized I neglected to see that one of the numbers submitted to me had $0.17 at the end of it. for charity.

To say I’m pleasantly surprised with how things have gone so far is an understatement. With that said, there’s still 21 days left to raise money for a great cause. You can help raise money by buying books written by Eve Jacob, Rebecca MacCeile (either of her books), or myself. You can also support me on Patreon, as all of my patron pledges for November and December will go to charity. Finally, for every download of We Were (Kind of) a Big Deal in College on iTunes or Android, money goes to the AFSP.

If you can help spread the word, we’d love for you to do so. Thank you to everyone who has helped out so far. I’ll have another update a bit later in the month.

4 thoughts on “2018 Charity Drive Update #1”

    1. Me too. I’m hoping some of the parts that I’m personally running (like my Patreon) pick up steam, however, I recognize that’s just me wanting a bit of success for myself directly.

  1. I really like that you’re doing this again this year. It’s a really good cause and not enough people are willing to forego their own potential profits to do some good in the world. Kudos to you guys!

    1. Thanks! I feel like it’s worth the effort. There’s people out there that need the money and support more than I do. I love doing this every year. My hope is that it will only grow and get better with time.

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