2019 Charity Drive – Final Totals

Note: This post was updated on December 18, 2019 with a few late addition donations that rolled in, but hadn’t processed by the time this post was written. The original donation listed below was $57.66, but the new total listed below has been changed to reflect these donations.

This past Saturday marked the final day of our 2019 charity drive for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This is an endeavor I’ve been doing on my own for four years now, as well as the second straight year that there was a group of us working together to raise money for charity. Donations were down this year, partly because we didn’t have as many people participating and partly because sales of our various wares didn’t go quite as well as last year’s drive did.

In total, we raised $88.22 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I say this with the caveat that these are the donations that I can account for a hard total for. For the first time across ANY of the charity drives ever, there were multiple people that used this site to go directly to the AFSP’s donate page. If you were one of the folks who used this site to get to that page and make a donation, thank you so much. If you let me know (be it on here or via Twitter), I’ll add it to our total.

Donations will be submitted to the AFSP by those participating in the next couple of days. I want to take the time to thank Eve Jacob, Rebecca MacCeile, and Stephanie from Haus of Clover for all their help in getting this charity drive going, especially on short notice. If you’d still like to support them even though the event is over, I would definitely encourage you to do so. If you’re still interested in picking up the patron-exclusive character preview for a character in my coming novel, I’m always accepting new patrons at my Patreon page.

There were also several people who shared the info for the charity drive across their social media platforms. I don’t have a fully comprehensive list of everyone who did share — as even on Twitter, the sharing was fragmented across several threads. That said, I’m going to try to compile one over the course of the day today.

Finally, if you’d like to give to the AFSP directly, awesome! Go do it. Click the link in this sentence to be taken directly to the AFSP’s donation page.

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