My Pokemon Gym: Dark

Welcome to the eleventh iteration of the My Pokemon Gym series. If you’re new to this series, I take a Pokemon type then build out my team of six Pokemon of that type as if I were the gym leader. Here are the rules:

  1. I can’t use legendary/mythical Pokemon
  2. I can’t reuse Pokemon I’ve used in previous gyms in this series.
  3. Forms of the same Pokémon can be reused, provided they have different typing. For example, if I used Rattata in a Normal gym team, I could use Alolan Rattata in a Dark gym team.

Want to read my other My Pokemon Gym posts? Go read the Fighting, Ice, Psychic, Grass, Dragon, Fairy, Electric, Bug, Fire, Flying, Normal, Ghost, Dark, Rock, Steel, Ground, Water, and Poison type posts when you’re done here. All images courtesy unless otherwise stated.


While I’ve made a concerted effort to use the Sword/Shield movepools for Pokemon that are available in those games in my last two posts, I am choosing to ignore that with Liepard. The main reason? Sword/Shield gets rid of Liepard’s most iconic move, Assist. For those unaware, a Pokemon using Assist will use a random move that one of the other Pokemon in your party knows. Considering the moves the rest of the Pokemon on this team know, this could yield hilarious results. Or it could do nothing. That’s the beauty of Assist. It’s Metronome with a pre-selected movepool. My Liepard also runs Fake Out for Normal Gem/Unburden boosting shenanigans, as well as Aerial Ace and Hone Claws because I needed four moves.

Ability: Unburden
Item: Normal Gem
Moves: Fake Out, Assist, Aerial Ace, Hone Claws


Speaking of Pokemon whose movepools Sword/Shield screwed up, why can’t Umbreon learn Toxic anymore? Granted, I worked around it in this case. But it’s the quintessential stalling Pokemon. What’s Umbreon without Toxic? I honestly can’t remember how Last Resort works with the combination of Rest and Sleep Talk, and most of my normal Pokemon sites were no help. In the event this set wouldn’t work in reality, just mentally replace Last Resort with Foul Play.

Ability: Inner Focus
Item: Leftovers
Moves: Last Resort, Confuse Ray, Rest, Sleep Talk


An older cousin of mine introduced me to Pokemon via Red/Blue. That said, it wasn’t until the Gen IV games that I was knowledgeable enough about Pokemon to be able to beat him. The Pokemon I ended up beating him with? Iron Ball Cacturne with Fling. I took out his next to last Pokemon (which wasn’t weak to Dark) with Fling, then won because his Psychic type couldn’t hit me. I recognize I likely got lucky. But you know what? Luck is good enough to make this team. Plus Cacturne’s design is hilarious to me.

Ability: Water Absorb
Item: Iron Ball
Moves: Spiky Shield, Power-Up Punch, Fling, Foul Play


For those unaware, Seedot has one of my favorite shiny sprites in all of the Pokemon series. Because of this, I wanted to make sure I found a way to feature it or its evolution on either this team or the Grass type team. It fit better onto this team, particularly thanks to its synergy with the next Pokemon this list. The goal here is to get Sunny Day up and maybe get a Solar Blade off once I do. That said, I know that Shiftry isn’t the powerhouse of this team. If worse comes to worst, a sneaky Explosion will do some damage to my opponent, but Shiftry is helper Pokemon on this team.

Ability: Chlorophyll
Item: Focus Sash
Moves: Solar Blade, Throat Chop, Sunny Day, Explosion


Another Pokemon whose potential Gen VIII moveset we’re ignoring, though not quite for the same reasons. I love Incineroar’s unique Z-move, Malicious Moonsault. I’m going to ignore the fact that Incineroar is actually doing a 450 splash instead of the moonsault. It’s just an awesome move. I love the pro wrestling vibe Incineroar has, plus it comes from arguably the cutest starter form ever.

Ability: Intimidate
Item: Incinium-Z
Moves: Darkest Lariat, Drain Punch, Blaze Kick, Body Slam

Alolan Muk

I want to give full credit to my brother-in-law for causing me to love Alolan Muk as much as I do. When we would battle doubles, he would use Muk with an Air Balloon and a Power of Alchemy set that had a goal of inheriting the Levitate ability from its partner Rotom when it died. The set worked beautifully and caused several hilarious disconnects when playing online. While Power of Alchemy has no use in singles battles, I paid homage to the rest of his set here, replacing his preferred Poison Jab with extra coverage in the form of Hidden Power Grass.

Ability: Poison Touch
Item: Air Balloon
Moves: Knock Off, Stockpile, Hidden Power Grass, Rock Slide

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