Writing While Sheltered in Place

I weirdly don’t have a ton to say in this post. At least I don’t think I do when I’m starting to write the post. But sheltering in place is weird and has caused me to want to do a lot of stream of consciousness writing that I’ve ultimately not posted. So we’re going to roll with it.

With everything going on in the world with COVID-19, it’s not particularly shocking that I’m one of the many people who is in a state of shelter in place due to the growing1As of when I’m writing this on March 28th. threat of the pandemic. My state, Ohio, was one of the first states to close schools and issue shelter in place orders. This means that at the time of writing this, I’ve been at home pretty much constantly for the past two weeks.

I am not a particularly extroverted person. That said, I do enjoy small amounts of chosen variety in my day. Whether that be getting to go to the grocery store, eating at my favorite Chinese restaurant during the workday, or whatever, having small amounts of time where I don’t feel like I’m stuck in the same place is nice.

Needless to say, I’m not mentally handling things particularly well at the moment. There are varying reasons for this — one of which I’ll talk about on the blog in the future. That said, I feel like my days currently are significantly more chaotic and busy than they were before all of this came to pass. I recognize that I am fortunate in that I still have a job that I’m working 8 hours a day and that I am able to do it completely remotely2Considering my typical commute is 40 minutes on way if there are no other cars on the road, working remotely is a reprieve from that at least.. That said, I find myself feeling so drained that I don’t want to do anything productive, including blogging, by the time the day ends.

In addition to this post, I have posts prescheduled for April 13th, April 20th, and May 4th. All of those posts were written in either January or February and they’re all Pokemon related. I don’t know how much I’ll be blogging over the next few weeks, especially since my blog posts don’t generate comments anymore — 3 total for 2020 so far. I need some level of human interaction in my productivity to stay sane at this point. I hope to do more here, as there’s plenty I want to write about. Hell, I have a massive book update I want to share. But whether or not I have the mental energy is another matter.

Before I end this post, I do want to remind you to check in on those you care about. Clearly this means family and friends, but also people you talk to primarily through text, social media, or other distance communication. You never know who it’ll help.

3 thoughts on “Writing While Sheltered in Place”

  1. You’re not the only one who feels drained and unable to be productive during this time.
    I only have the energy to do ANYTHING on the days where I have left the house. On the days where I have nothing but time and opportunity to do things, I get absolutely nothing done.
    I believe it’s perfectly natural, but that hardly makes it less frustrating.

    1. I’ve been a bit more productive since I wrote this post, but not drastically so. It’s a very mentally and emotionally draining house to live in right now.

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