My Pokemon Gym: Rock

Welcome to the fourteenth iteration of the My Pokemon Gym series. If you’re new to this series, I take a Pokemon type then build out my team of six Pokemon of that type as if I were the gym leader. Here are the rules:

  1. I can’t use legendary/mythical Pokemon
  2. I can’t reuse Pokemon I’ve used in previous gyms in this series.
  3. Forms of the same Pokémon can be reused, provided they have different typing. For example, if I used Rattata in a Normal gym team, I could use Alolan Rattata in a Dark gym team.

Want to read my other My Pokemon Gym posts? Go read the Fighting, Ice, Psychic, Grass, Dragon, Fairy, Electric, Bug, Fire, Flying, Normal, Ghost, Dark, Rock, Steel, Ground, Water, and Poison type posts when you’re done here. All images courtesy unless otherwise stated.


Alright. I’m going to level with you. I really don’t like the Rock type. You want to know how many Rock Pokemon made their way onto other lists in this series? Three. That’d be Magcargo (Fire), Shuckle (Bug), and Alolan Golem (Electric). You might recognize those as two other types I really don’t like, plus Bug. So this list is extremely Gen I heavy, especially compared to other lists. In fact, there were only three Pokemon I had on this entire list initially, two of which came from Gen I.

With that said, Kabutops is one of my favorite Pokemon designs, full stop. It’s the Grim Reaper as a dinosaur. I don’t care that it’s terrible and that Omastar is objectively better. Kabutops is a sure-fire member of this team. Unfortunately, since Rock has a notorious weakness to Water, we won’t be having any Swift Swim shenanigans here. Instead, our goal is to set up Stealth Rock and to force some switches. Kabutops has some speed for it, particularly in comparison to the rest of this team. That said, most of the heavy lifting will be handled by the rest of the team.

Ability: Battle Armor
Item: Focus Sash
Moves: Stealth Rock, Aqua Tail, Night Slash, X-Scissor


Speaking of Lord Helix, it was the second of three Pokemon I immediately knew belonged on this team. Though my active love for it didn’t come until after Twitch Plays Pokemon, I still found the fossil choice in Mt. Moon in Gen I to be one of the most annoying choices you had to make in the entire game, save for the one Eeveelution limit1I didn’t have friends to trade with.. It’s always bothered me that what was effectively Omastar’s signature move, Spike Cannon, was both non-STAB as well as used Omastar’s meager Attack stat rather than its Special Attack. Fortunately, Omastar gets a bunch of other moves that make it annoying to deal with via status conditions…plus a move that requires transferring from Gen I that is always hilarious to catch people off guard with.

Ability: Shell Armor
Item: Choice Scarf
Moves: Scald, Horn Drill, Icy Wind, Water Pulse


Aside from the anchor Pokemon on this team, everything from here on out was more of an “I guess” pick than an actual love pick. Aurorus has two of my favorite abilities in the game in Refrigerate and Snow Warning. Considering how these two abilities help set up what I love doing for my typical Ice-focused teams, it’s pretty great. That said, this is my Rock type team. And Aurorus is…let’s go with lacking…in good Rock moves. Hell, it just has a weird movepool in general, getting access to Dream Eater, but nothing with which to put opponents to sleep, as well nearly as many damage-dealing Electric moves than Rock moves2Electric has Discharge, Charge Beam, Thunder, and Thunderbolt. Rock has Rock Throw, Stone Edge, Ancient Power, Rock Tomb, and Rock Slide.. In light of this, we’re going to give Aurorus a moveset that makes just as little sense.

Ability: Snow Warning
Item: Lum Berry
Moves: Swagger, Psych Up, Iron Head, Earthquake


Whoever at Game Freak that did Rhydon dirty by giving it Rhyperior as its evolution clearly had something against Giovanni’s signature Pokemon. Which is a shame, because I really liked it in Gen I. Granted, not as much as I liked using Nidoqueen or Dugtrio. But I liked it. Sure, it’s glacially slow, but it hits like a truck. Plus Eviolite helps it a little. Look, I’m stretching here.

Ability: Rock Head
Item: Eviolite
Moves: Take Down, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Megahorn


Another one? Fuck. Um. It’s a sun. And. Um. It knows moves. And. It can be released from a Poke Ball before battle?

Ability: Levitate
Item: Normal Gem
Moves: Explosion


Oh. Thank god. Finally a Pokemon I like again. Unlike Rhydon, Sudowoodo actually has a moveset that puts Rock Head to good use. But that’s not what I to talk about here. Did you know that Sudowoodo can learn Calm Mind? That’s right. The Pokemon with 30 base Special Attack. THIRTY! It can learn Calm Mind. I get that it’s for the Special Defense more than Special Attack. But why not give it Cosmic Power then? I’m throwing that on the set just because of how absurd it is.

Ability: Rock Head
Item: Apicot Berry
Moves: Calm Mind, Wood Hammer, Head Smash, Rest

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