Ranking Fire Emblem: Three Houses Paired Endings (Blue Lions)

Welcome to one of the blog posts I wrote during our shelter in place time. Most of the posts I wrote during this period are not particularly high thought level posts. If anything, the entire point to them is to be able to not think heavily for a little while. As such, I’m immersing myself in things I like (read: video games, mostly). apologies for anyone that finds this boring. This is how I’m coping.

A while back, I wrote a post talking about my headcanon relationships for all of Fire Emblem: Awakening characters. I spent a good bit of time thinking about how I’d write such a post for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, only to come to the following conclusions.

  1. Even people who read my blog AND care about Fire Emblem would not read such a post, as it’d be insanely long.
  2. There are so many characters who can end the game with so many others that it’d be impossible to do a true headcanon post for most characters1The exceptions to this rule are Hilda X Caspar, Flayn X eating fish, and Dorothea X my friend Stephanie..
  3. The age gaps in certain cases (Hanneman, Manuela, and Seteth, in particular) makes that a much weirder exercise than it was in Awakening.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to provide a ranking of the best paired endings for each character in the game. These posts will be divided by the character’s starting house. My hope is to do all five of these posts over the course of a week, though we’ll see how quickly I can get them done. When they’re all completed, you can click below to access each list.

Black Eagles | Blue Lions | Golden Deer | Church of Serios | Ashen Wolves/DLC

For this list, I’m only including endings where a character pairing has a support of A or higher to end the game. Additionally, because Byleth could hypothetically end up being paired with any character in the game depending on various circumstances, they are included in each list. That said, I’ll only be considering their paired endings with characters of the house I’m focusing on within that post. You’ll see how I handle their potential same-sex endings in each post.

To be clear, these lists will focus on the endings these characters can have with another character, rather than strictly on supports. Supports are a topic better saved for another time with a less cabin-fevery mind. Also, spoilers ahead. Clearly.

Pairings that are directly stated or at least heavily implied to be romantic in nature are in bold. Pairings that vary whether or not they are romantic depending on what story path you’re playing on, or are ambiguously romantic, are denoted with an asterisk (*).


  1. Marianne
  2. Flayn
  3. Felix
  4. Annette
  5. Dedue
  6. Byleth (F)
  7. Ingrid
  8. Catherine
  9. Hapi
  10. Mercedes*
  11. Gilbert

Nearly every ending Dimitri is either directly romantic or features HEAVY romantic overtones. The only real exceptions to this are Gilbert (understandably, considering his past with Dimitri’s family), Hapi (DLC, so who knows what happened here), and Mercedes. That last one is really weird, specifically calling Mercedes his friend if you pair them together. For a character whose supports are littered with romance, it’s super out of place. As much as I dislike Dimitri and his story in the game, his endings with Marianne and Flayn are two of my favorites in the game.


  1. Annette
  2. Dimitri
  3. Flayn
  4. Mercedes
  5. Shamir
  6. Ashe
  7. Ingrid
  8. Byleth (F)

Dedue just has good endings. Period. His ending with Byleth would be a top half ending for most other characters, but it’s easily Dedue’s worst. His ending with Annette is arguably the most wholesome, earning the top spot on this list. That said, I really like how proud Dedue is of Flayn’s successes in their ending together. Dedue is just a sweetheart.


  1. Sylvain (Azure Moon)
  2. Dorothea (Other Routes)
  3. Dimitri
  4. Mercedes (Azure Moon)
  5. Ingrid
  6. Lysithea (Other Routes)
  7. Flayn (Azure Moon)
  8. Byleth (F) (Crimson Flower)
  9. Mercedes (Other Routes)*
  10. Flayn (Other Routes)*
  11. Byleth (F) (Azure Moon)
  12. Dorothea (Azure Moon)
  13. Sylvain (Other Routes)
  14. Lysithea (Azure Moon)
  15. Byleth (F) (Silver Snow/Verdant Wind)
  16. Annette
  17. Bernadetta
  18. Leonie

Felix’s endings are hella complicated. There are so many characters he has wildly different endings with depending on which route you’re playing. It made this list terrible to write2The worst part is that I probably could have split all of his endings into two or more, but I felt Annette, Bernadetta, and Ingrid’s were similar enough that I kept them together. And that Leonie’s were both so bad I grouped them together.. That said, it makes sense, as the Azure Moon story is the only one where Felix’s family doesn’t get utterly decimated by the war. The most frustrating part of this list, however, is not the length, rather the fact that some of the best support conversations in the game — those between Felix and Annette — are wasted on a lackluster ending regardless of your route.


  1. Byleth (M)
  2. Felix
  3. Raphael
  4. Dimitri
  5. Sylvain
  6. Claude
  7. Seteth
  8. Dedue
  9. Ashe*
  10. Yuri
  11. Ignatz

It makes a ton of sense that the trio of childhood friends of Felix, Dimitri, and Sylvain all rank near the top of Ingrid’s ending list, but her ending with male Byleth is one of the most underrated endings in the game. The woman stops assassins from killing him. She’s a beast. Ingrid doesn’t have any particularly bad endings, though I’m personally disappointed that her paired ending with Seteth is locked behind the Azure Moon route. While it wouldn’t make sense for that to be an option if you recruit Ingrid in Crimson Flower, I could totally see this ending playing out in Silver Snow and Verdant Wind.


  1. Felix (Azure Moon)
  2. Ingrid
  3. Byleth (F)
  4. Felix (Other Routes)
  5. Dorothea
  6. Mercedes

For as much as a philander as Sylvain is, the fact that he only has five paired ending options is stunning. And really outside of Felix’s Azure Moon ending, most of them are either boring (Ingrid, Byleth, non-Azure Moon Felix) or are kind of demeaning to his eventual wife (Dorothea, Mercedes). I think this is a big reason why Sylvain is one of my least favorite characters.


  1. Petra
  2. Dedue
  3. Catherine
  4. Byleth (F)
  5. Annette
  6. Ingrid*
  7. Mercedes
  8. Caspar
  9. Hapi
  10. Marianne
  11. Cyril

Ashe and Petra/Ashe and Catherine/Ashe and Dedue’s endings are adorable, blah blah blah. Alright. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how TERRIBLE Ashe’s endings with Marianne and Cyril are, shall we? A lot of Ashe’s endings are based on him inheriting the leadership of the house he was adopted into, despite his dream being that he wanted to be a knight, not a noble. Which already lowers them on my list. Combine that with the fact that, in their paired ending, Marianne suddenly gives up on her dream because she wanted to make Ashe’s success at something he had no experience in her dream? What? But at least that makes more sense than Cyril and Ashe’s paired ending. For reference, it’s the exact same ending as Marianne’s, only non-romantic, and without the added benefit of the fact that Marianne had been groomed to be a shrewd and knowledgable noble from a young age. What the hell?


  1. Byleth (M/F)
  2. Jeritza
  3. Felix (Azure Moon)
  4. Annette*
  5. Dedue
  6. Constance
  7. Felix (Other Routes)
  8. Ignatz
  9. Lorenz
  10. Dimitri
  11. Ashe
  12. Ferdinand von Aegir
  13. Alois

Mercedes — similar to Byleth when considering only Black Eagles house members — has a ton of below-average romantic endings. Really aside from her pairing with Byleth and one of Felix’s endings, I’d much rather have one of Mercedes’ non-romantic endings than a romantic one. Which kind of makes sense for a character essentially depicted as a nun or cleric. Bonus points to Alois’ ending for managing to get the whole nun thing right and STILL being the single worst ending Mercedes has.


  1. Gilbert
  2. Byleth (M)
  3. Claude
  4. Dimitri
  5. Mercedes*
  6. Dedue
  7. Ashe
  8. Hanneman
  9. Linhardt
  10. Felix
  11. Caspar

I want to lead off by saying that even though it isn’t the best paired ending for Annette, author Annette in her ending with Ashe warms my heart. Annette also managed to have one of the few paired endings that Hanneman can have that isn’t completely creepy. That said, for all of the great romantic endings Annette gets — and she gets a TON of them — her best paired ending is the reconciliation with her dad, Gilbert. It’s just touching.


  1. Annette (M)
  2. Ingrid (M)
  3. Ashe (F)
  4. Mercedes (M/F)
  5. Sylvain (F)
  6. Felix (F) (Crimson Flower)
  7. Dimitri (F)
  8. Felix (F) (Azure Moon)
  9. Felix (F) (Silver Snow/Verdant Wind)
  10. Dedue (F)

Whereas the Black Eagles have some of Byleth’s worst paired endings, the Blue Lions are full of great paired endings for them. So much so that in four of my eight playthroughs, I’ve paired off Byleth with a member of this group. I changed my final ranking of this list multiple times before I published the post, with the most common change being switching Annette and Ingrid back and forth between the top spot. I don’t think you can go wrong with either of them, though I ultimately decided to give Annette the top spot, as they were otherwise tied and Annette is my favorite character in the game.

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