Ranking Fire Emblem: Three Houses Paired Endings (Church of Serios)

Welcome to one of the blog posts I wrote during our shelter in place time. Most of the posts I wrote during this period are not particularly high thought level posts. If anything, the entire point to them is to be able to not think heavily for a little while. As such, I’m immersing myself in things I like (read: video games, mostly). apologies for anyone that finds this boring. This is how I’m coping.

A while back, I wrote a post talking about my headcanon relationships for all of Fire Emblem: Awakening characters. I spent a good bit of time thinking about how I’d write such a post for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, only to come to the following conclusions.

  1. Even people who read my blog AND care about Fire Emblem would not read such a post, as it’d be insanely long.
  2. There are so many characters who can end the game with so many others that it’d be impossible to do a true headcanon post for most characters1The exceptions to this rule are Hilda X Caspar, Flayn X eating fish, and Dorothea X my friend Stephanie..
  3. The age gaps in certain cases (Hanneman, Manuela, and Seteth, in particular) makes that a much weirder exercise than it was in Awakening.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to provide a ranking of the best paired endings for each character in the game. These posts will be divided by the character’s starting house. My hope is to do all five of these posts over the course of a week, though we’ll see how quickly I can get them done. When they’re all completed, you can click below to access each list.

Black Eagles | Blue Lions | Golden Deer | Church of Serios | Ashen Wolves/DLC

For this list, I’m only including endings where a character pairing has a support of A or higher to end the game. Additionally, because Byleth could hypothetically end up being paired with any character in the game depending on various circumstances, they are included in each list. That said, I’ll only be considering their paired endings with characters of the house I’m focusing on within that post. You’ll see how I handle their potential same-sex endings in each post.

To be clear, these lists will focus on the endings these characters can have with another character, rather than strictly on supports. Supports are a topic better saved for another time with a less cabin-fevery mind. Also, spoilers ahead. Clearly.

Pairings that are directly stated or at least heavily implied to be romantic in nature are in bold. Pairings that vary whether or not they are romantic depending on what story path you’re playing on, or are ambiguously romantic, are denoted with an asterisk (*).


  1. Literally never supporting Rhea at all
  2. Byleth (M/F)

Alright. Let’s address this one right now, because it’s fucking weird. Rhea is kind of your mom. Not your biological mom. But in that she gave you life by fancy goddess powers. But you’re also her mom/dad. In that the how she gave you life involves giving you the heart of her mother. It’s fucking weird. It’s best just not to do it.


  1. Ferdinand von Aegir
  2. Edelgard
  3. Hanneman
  4. Lorenz
  5. Dorothea
  6. Byleth (M)
  7. Seteth

For as much as I dislike Manuela as a character — she’s one of my two least favorite characters in the game — over half of her paired endings are pretty good. Her ending with Ferdinand von Aegir is one of his best endings in the game. That’s saying something, because he has A LOT of good endings. That said, Manuela also has multiple endings that make her or her partner come across as just kind of…there. In particular, I could have lived without reading her ending with Seteth.


  1. Lysithea
  2. Byleth (F)
  3. Annette
  4. Edelgard
  5. Marianne
  6. Manuela
  7. Dorothea

A ton of Hanneman’s endings involve him doing mad-awesome sciencey things, which is neat. The fact that he actively saves Lysithea’s life in their paired ending is pretty awesome. That said, everything 2-6 on this list could be thrown in the air and land in any order and I’d be fine with it2Okay, maybe 2-5. The ending with Manuela is just…odd?. Just keep him away from Dorothea, please?


  1. Leonie
  2. Bernadetta
  3. Ingrid
  4. Hilda
  5. Manuela
  6. Byleth (F)
  7. Catherine
  8. Flayn

Remember how earlier in the post I said how much I disliked Seteth and Manuela’s paired ending? The fact that there are three endings on Seteth’s list below that one should give you an idea of how much Seteth’s endings annoy me. His paired ending with his daughter is the single worst ending in the game — period — because he literally learns nothing even after all they go through in this game. Seteth does have some good endings, particularly the simple life ending he has with Leonie and the author/illustrator ending he has with Bernadetta. And he has some really good supports. But good lord his endings are rough.


  1. Dedue
  2. Dimitri
  3. Ferdinand von Aegir
  4. Byleth (M)
  5. Raphael
  6. Felix (Azure Moon)
  7. Linhardt
  8. Ignatz
  9. Felix (Other Routes)*
  10. Claude
  11. Seteth

Flayn, on the other hand, has eight good or better endings, two meh ones, and her one with Seteth. I particularly like her endings with Dedue and Dimitri, which are sadly locked behind the Azure Moon path. In the case of Dedue, he manages to help turn Flayn from a horrid cook into a very good one. And in the case of Dimitri, it doesn’t matter because the man literally will eat weeds. Special shout out to Claude for being the only romantic ending Flayn has that’s afraid to tell Seteth about their marriage, despite becoming king of a nation. Not like royalty is known for having public lives or anything.


  1. Lysithea
  2. Shamir
  3. Hilda
  4. Ashe
  5. Petra
  6. Byleth (F)

Cyril is Manuela, but with worse endings. Sure, his ending with Lysithea is tragically sweet, the one with Shamir is him being on par with his idol, and his ending with Hilda shows a lot of growth from both of them. But considering Three Houses has no child units to pass Aptitude down to, I rarely ever both recruiting Cyril. Feel free to completely ignore my list for him. I don’t care about Cyril.


  1. Shamir
  2. Alois
  3. Caspar
  4. Ashe
  5. Linhardt*
  6. Dimitri
  7. Lorenz
  8. Byleth (M)
  9. Seteth

We’ll talk a lot more about the Catherine and Shamir paired ending a bit further down this list. That said, Catherine’s endings are kind of like Felix’s, in that they’re very dependent on other circumstances as to which one you get. That said, they’re also largely consistent person to person that I didn’t feel the need to split them. With the exception of Caspar and maybe Ashe, most of Catherine’s blatantly romantic paired endings are underwhelming. Her support with Alois is the one that gives her the most personal success, regardless of how much she’s protecting Rhea in the post-script of the game. That said, her best paired support is with Shamir by a large margin — meet me down at Shamir’s heading if you want to know why.


  1. Catherine
  2. Byleth (M/F)
  3. Mercedes
  4. Leonie (Crimson Flower)
  5. Leonie (Other Routes)

For those of you who didn’t immediately skip over Alois’s endings, they’re all platonic. Yes, he’s the only character in Three Houses for whom this is true. And most of them are perfectly acceptable endings for Alois. Which makes sense, as he’s already married. That said, his endings with Leonie just aren’t great. Especially the one where he’s essentially an enabler to her budding alcoholism.


  1. Annette
  2. Byleth (M/F)
  3. Dimitri

Gilbert’s best ending is the one where he reunites with his daughter. Nothing else matters.


  1. Catherine
  2. Byleth (M)
  3. Claude
  4. Caspar
  5. Cyril
  6. Leonie
  7. Dedue
  8. Hubert
  9. Raphael
  10. Ignatz

Alright. Let’s get the others out of the way first. Nearly every ending Shamir has is about growth and development for the other person she’s paired with. I love that. There are some where she grows and develops too — and they tend to be nearer the top of this list for that reason. That said, Shamir just has good supports and endings. Her Robin Hood ending with Raphael would be a top three ending for nearly any other character. Similarly, her ending3Note: Not her SUPPORTS with Male Byleth. Everything other than her S-Support is not good. with male Byleth is fitting for both of their characters that it nearly made the top of this list4It is Byleth’s single best S-support scene by a mile. I would argue it is the best S-support scene in ANY Fire Emblem game that I’ve played, though Lon’qu and Cherche’s scene in Awakening is a close second..

Let’s talk about Catherine. It’s why you’re here. For everyone that says their ending isn’t romantic at all, I would strongly suggest you re-read their supports. Taken by itself, what is described as a ‘lifelong journey together’ makes them sound like best friends. That said, it’s clearly best friends in the way that historians tend to not recognize same-sex relationships way of best friends. Their A+ support is a fucking love confession. Their paired ending is romantic, even if the focus in on their lives outside of their relationship. It’s such a good ending that I’ve actively avoided marrying Shamir off to Byleth in most5Though not all. of my playthroughs just so Shamir and Catherine can be together6As an aside, I have a love-hate relationship with the If It’s You, It’s Okay trope. If it is done poorly, it’s one of the worst things to see in a game/book/movie, to the point where it’s borderline insulting to watch. When it’s done right, it’s like a drug. Shamir/Catherine (and to a lesser extent Petra/Dorothea) is this trope done right..


  1. Shamir (M)
  2. Alois (M/F)
  3. Flayn (M)
  4. Hanneman (F)
  5. Gilbert (M/F)
  6. Seteth (F)
  7. Manuela (M)
  8. Catherine (M)
  9. Cyril (F)
  10. Rhea (M/F)

I’ve already talked about Byleth’s pairing with Shamir at length, as well as my distaste for some of their other endings here. That said, I want to take a moment to call out father/child relationship that develops between Byleth and Alois if you pick their paired ending. Considering how much it destroys Byleth when their dad dies in the first part of the game — and considering they never know their mother — it’s really sweet to see Byleth have family. Sure, there are plenty of endings (see: Shamir) where Byleth starts their own family. But giving Byleth a father figure for an ending is really sweet.

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