Ranking Fire Emblem: Three Houses Paired Endings (Ashen Wolves/DLC)

Welcome to one of the blog posts I wrote during our shelter in place time. Most of the posts I wrote during this period are not particularly high thought level posts. If anything, the entire point to them is to be able to not think heavily for a little while. As such, I’m immersing myself in things I like (read: video games, mostly). apologies for anyone that finds this boring. This is how I’m coping.

A while back, I wrote a post talking about my headcanon relationships for all of Fire Emblem: Awakening characters. I spent a good bit of time thinking about how I’d write such a post for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, only to come to the following conclusions.

  1. Even people who read my blog AND care about Fire Emblem would not read such a post, as it’d be insanely long.
  2. There are so many characters who can end the game with so many others that it’d be impossible to do a true headcanon post for most characters1The exceptions to this rule are Hilda X Caspar, Flayn X eating fish, and Dorothea X my friend Stephanie..
  3. The age gaps in certain cases (Hanneman, Manuela, and Seteth, in particular) makes that a much weirder exercise than it was in Awakening.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to provide a ranking of the best paired endings for each character in the game. These posts will be divided by the character’s starting house. My hope is to do all five of these posts over the course of a week, though we’ll see how quickly I can get them done. When they’re all completed, you can click below to access each list.

Black Eagles | Blue Lions | Golden Deer | Church of Serios | Ashen Wolves/DLC

For this list, I’m only including endings where a character pairing has a support of A or higher to end the game. Additionally, because Byleth could hypothetically end up being paired with any character in the game depending on various circumstances, they are included in each list. That said, I’ll only be considering their paired endings with characters of the house I’m focusing on within that post. You’ll see how I handle their potential same-sex endings in each post.

To be clear, these lists will focus on the endings these characters can have with another character, rather than strictly on supports. Supports are a topic better saved for another time with a less cabin-fevery mind. Also, spoilers ahead. Clearly.

Pairings that are directly stated or at least heavily implied to be romantic in nature are in bold. Pairings that vary whether or not they are romantic depending on what story path you’re playing on, or are ambiguously romantic, are denoted with an asterisk (*).


  1. Byleth (M/F)

Apparently I forgot Sothis in the Church post, so I’ve decided to add her here. Unlike the Rhea ending which is just creepy and weird, the Sothis paired ending with Byleth is pretty much Byleth just being by themselves as the ending. Which is fine. Sure, this could have been done without having an S-support ending with a character that exists inside your character’s head. But…eh?


  1. Mercedes
  2. Constance
  3. Byleth (M/F)
  4. Bernadetta

Jeritza’s ending options are very limited by nature of the fact that he’s only accessible in one route in the game. Even with that in mind, his ending options are all pretty underwhelming. The best case scenario reunites him with his estranged sister, but even that ending is somewhat out of character for him. Jeritza is one of the few characters where ending up alone makes far more sense than any paired ending he could have.


Anna cannot have a paired ending in Three Houses, despite being eligible to have them in Awakening and Fates. This is why we can’t have nice things.


  1. Bernadetta
  2. Constance
  3. Byleth (M/F)
  4. Ingrid
  5. Balthus
  6. Hapi
  7. Dorothea

Much like Manuela and Lorenz, Yuri has some really good endings despite being a character I’m not a huge fan of. In particular, his ending with Bernadetta gives her a lot of growth as a person — which makes a ton of sense considering their supports. His ending with Constance is also really touching, if for no other reason than it’s one where they’re both allowed to be themselves.


  1. Ferdinand von Aegir
  2. Yuri
  3. Edelgard
  4. Hapi
  5. Mercedes
  6. Jeritza
  7. Balthus
  8. Byleth (M)

Sigh. I really hate that the Constance/Byleth pairing is so similar to some of Tharja’s post-timeskip interactions in Awakening. It really ruins her ending with Byleth for me. And I get why then ending’s like that. But just…no. The rest of her endings are fine, though I do particularly like how sweet her ending with Ferdinand von Aegir is. But I’m hung up on that Byleth ending.


  1. Hilda
  2. Claude
  3. Byleth (F)
  4. Hapi
  5. Lysithea
  6. Yuri
  7. Constance

I really like how — with the exception of Hilda — nearly all of Balthus’s endings are just gender-flipped versions of either Leonie (most of them) or Marianne (Byleth). Yet he can’t have a paired ending with either of them. No clue why this is so funny to me. That said, I feel like Balthus not having a paired ending with either of them is a missed opportunity. On that note2And since I haven’t done this yet., here are my top 5 missed opportunity paired endings in Three Houses.

  • Balthus and Marianne
  • Claude and Byleth (M)
  • Ingrid and Dorothea
  • Alois and Ashe
  • Annette and Lysithea


  1. Byleth (M) (Crimson Flower)
  2. Yuri
  3. Balthus
  4. Linhardt
  5. Constance
  6. Byleth (M) (Other Routes)
  7. Ashe
  8. Dimitri

For as much as I like Hapi as a character, I’m not a huge fan of most of her endings. Aside from her endings with Byleth in the Crimson Flower route and Yuri, her paired endings either seem weirdly contrived or unrealistic. In most cases, the endings take away who she is for sake of…normalcy? And doing so defeats the whole purpose of Hapi’s backstory.


  1. Hapi (M) (Crimson Flower)
  2. Yuri (M/F)
  3. Balthus (F)
  4. Jeritza (M/F)
  5. Hapi (M) (Other Routes)
  6. Sothis (M/F)
  7. Constance (M)

Pretty sure Constance is Byleth’s worst paired ending in the entire game. Which is frustrating on my current playthrough, as I started that playthrough without knowing their paired ending, only to learn it in researching these posts. Since the route is an Azure Moon playthrough, the clear answer here should have been Annette or Shamir (I’m male Byleth in this run). But I digress. Byleth’s Crimson Flower ending with Hapi is legitimately one of the more underrated endings in the entire game. So much so that I’m going to use the rest of this post to give you my 10 favorite Byleth paired endings across all routes. Because it’s my post.

  1. Shamir (M)
  2. Annette (M)
  3. Alois (M/F)
  4. Ingrid (M)
  5. Claude (F)
  6. Hapi (M) (Crimson Flower)
  7. Ashe (F)
  8. Mercedes (M/F)
  9. Dorothea (M/F)
  10. Sylvain (F)

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