Theorycrafting Unique Type Pokemon (Part 2)

One of the more fun, yet challenging, post types I’ve written for this blog are my Pokemon theorycrafting posts. I’ve done a pair of them now, wherein I (along with some help) took some unused type combinations and used them to create new concept Pokemon. It’s an exercise that requires more thought than I’m willing to admit, if only because I do try to make an effort to think about the kinds of Pokemon I’d want to see in a game, how they’d balance, and what fits the world of a game I’ve been playing off and on since I was 12.

One of my fellow Pokemon bloggers, Lola from That Little Lola, presented me with an idea that we decided to turn into a collaboration. In the Pokemon games, there are currently — as of May 11th, 2020 — 54 Pokemon evolution lines or individual Pokemon that have unique typing combinations. An example of this would be Empoleon. Empoleon has a typing of Water/Steel, making it the only Pokemon with that typing. Similarly, there are two Water/Ghost Pokemon, however they are both within the Frillish evolution line. Both of these situations are considered to be unique type Pokemon for our lists.

Lola and I have divided these 54 Pokemon between us. From there, we’ll both be doing our list in two parts. You can check out the posts at the links below.

Lola’s posts – Part 1 | Part 2
My posts – Part 1 | Part 2

For my list, I’m limiting myself to no more than two regional variations per list. I think there were some missed opportunities in the regional variations, but I don’t want to do a whole list based off of them. Similarly, I’m also limiting myself to no more than two evolutionary line additions/splits per post.

1. Ice/Ghost

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Froslass

Our new Pokemon is? It’s interesting that Froslass is the current Ice/Ghost Pokemon, because I’d love to see a regional variation of it — one that we’ll get to a bit later in this post. That said, I’m thinking this Pokemon is one based on the Aurora Borealis, if only because of the mystic nature it has.

Abilities? Not every ability is good. Illuminate is a terrible ability. But it does make sense for this Pokemon. As for a hidden ability, I’d like to think a Pokemon based off of pastel lights would have Pastel Veil as a hidden ability. It just makes sense.

Learn Set? Astonish (Learned at level 1), Gust (1), Flash (6), Poison Gas (13), Icy Wind (19), Confuse Ray (25), Aurora Beam (29), Ominous Wind (33), Whirlwind (39), Hail (43), Safeguard (50), Freeze-Dry (57), Tailwind (62), Blizzard (69), Destiny Bond (77)

2. Grass/Ground

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Torterra

Our new Pokemon is? Literally any plant Pokemon could be Grass/Ground. How is Torterra the only one? What the hell? I’ve got this. Let’s cross over the Piranha Plant from Mario. Sure, you could argue it should be Grass/Poison. But it’s a potted plant. We’ll give it some Poison moves.

Abilities? Since there’s an argument that can be made for the Piranha Plant to be Poison type, we’ll give it Poison Touch for one of its abilities. I feel like Chlorophyll makes a ton of sense for a secondary ability, considering how prevelant is it on Grass types as a whole. As for a hidden ability, why not Grass Surge? A crossover appearance would likely generate something being overpowered about the Piranha Plant, so why not that?

Learn Set? Wrap (Learned at level 1), Withdraw (1), Acid (4), Growl (8), Vine Whip (12), Growth (16), Flame Burst (20), Ice Ball (24), Dig (28), Slam (32), Razor Leaf (36), Slam (40), Earth Power (44), Power Whip (48), Sludge Bomb (52), Solar Blade (56), Earthquake (60), Wood Hammer (64)

3. Fighting/Ice

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Crabominable

Our new Pokemon is? If you haven’t watched this Pokemon theory talking about how Snorunt is actually just a failed Falinks, you should. It’s really good. That said, we now have a missed opportunity here — Galarian Froslass as a dual Fighting and Ice type.

Abilities? Since this is still Froslass, it’ll retain the Snow Cloak ability. And because we’re playing off of the above mentioned theory, the hidden ability for our Galarian Froslass will be Defiant, the hidden ability of Falinks.

Learn Set? Tackle (Learned at level 1), Rock Smash (1), Protect (1), Endure (1), Ice Fang (1), Headbutt (1), Crunch (1), Powder Snow (1), Leer (1), Double Team (1), Focus Energy (15), Ice Shard (20), Icy Wind (25), Frost Breath (30), Seismic Toss (35), Hail (40), Focus Blast (47), Aurora Veil (54), Final Gambit (61), Blizzard (68), No Retreat (on evolution)

4. Poison/Fire

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Salandit line.

Our new Pokemon is? I originally had a really boring idea, but then something hit me — Greek Fire. Which leads me to an interesting idea. What if Karrablast had a separate evolution — say when it’s traded while holding a Flame Orb or a Toxic Orb? We’ll call it Karratine, which is a play on Karrablast’s name, as well as the Byzantine Empire, which used Greek Fire to great effect.

Abilities? We’ll let Karratine retain one of Escavilier’s two main abilities, as Shell Armor seems like a good choice here. We’ll also give it Flash Fire, considering the effectiveness of the Greek Fire concept. I had to think for a bit for a hidden ability, but Bulletproof seems like the right call here, if only as a nod to the armor of its Steel type roots.

Learn Set? Peck (Learned at level 1), Leer (1), Acid (1), Fury Cutter (5), Endure (9), Acid Spray (12), Powder (17), Flame Charge (22), Fire Punch (27), Poison Jab (27), Cross Poison (32), Swords Dance (37), Fiery Dance (41), Flamethrower (46), Trick (51), Gunk Shot (56), Flare Blitz (63)

5. Electric/Fire

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Uh…Rotom Heat? If it’s not Rotom Wash, I don’t use it. So I tend to forget about the Rotoms.

Our new Pokemon is? The Brave Little Toaster, only it’s on fire. We’ll call it Cronchy.

Abilities? Cronchy gets one ability, and it’s an exclusive one — Toast. The Toast ability causes the first Fire attack it hits an opponent with to do 1.5x damage, at the expense of all future Fire attacks that Cronchy uses on that Pokemon doing .5x damage. This penalty persists even if Cronchy or the opposing Pokemon switch out. Its signature move — Toast Shuriken — is a Fire-type version of Water Shuriken.

Learn Set? Thundershock (Learned at level 1), Tail Whip (1), Ember (5), Charge (10), Tail Slap (15), Discharge (20), Double Hit (25), Incinerate (30), Spark (35), Iron Defense (40), Toast Shuriken (45), Volt Switch (50), Fire Lash (55), Heat Crash (60), Memento (65)

6. Rock/Electric

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Alolan Golem line.

Our new Pokemon is? This Pokemon is based off of the Baghdad Battery. It’s an early galvanic cell (in theory), so I think it’s kind of a cool thing to base a Pokemon off of. When Mythbusters tested this, it only produced a weak electrical current…but what if it didn’t? We’ll even give it a cool name like Ohmphrates or something.

Abilities? It’s a galvanic cell. Clearly our primary ability is Battery, right? And our hidden ability is Galvanize. This was easy.

Learn Set? Tackle (Learned at level 1), Sand-Attack (1), Thundershock (5), Thunder Wave (9), Rollout (12), Bide (17), Rock Tomb (22), Thunderbolt (26), Helping Hand (30), Acid Armor (34), Chip Away (38), Power Gem (43), Thunder (47), Shell Smash (55), Explosion (62)

7. Dragon/Ice

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Kyruem

Our new Pokemon is? Licensing rights fees won’t let us get a Game of Thrones crossover here, so we’re just going to go with a generic ice-breathing dragon. It can breed with Mudbray. I don’t have a name for it.

Abilities? I feel like the obvious answer here is Refrigerate, so let’s not go that route. Instead, we’ll give our dragon the primary ability Cute Charm, because dragons need love too. There won’t be a secondary ability for this Pokemon, but we will have a hidden ability. The logical answer to me here is Slush Rush, as we’ll be taking advantage of the speed in the hail to dish out some powerful moves.

Learn Set? Quick Attack (Learned at level 1), Sand-Attack (1), Ice Ball (5), Ember (9), Dragon Rage (12), Ice Fang (17), Wing Attack (22), Howl (26), Dragon Claw (30), Avalanche (34), Ice Punch (38), Dragon Dance (43), Dragon Tail (47), Hurricane (55), Outrage (62)

8. Normal/Grass

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Deerling and Sawsbuck.

Our new Pokemon is? You know how everyone and their mother considers having a lawn normal? I hate lawns. They’re the biggest waste of time, energy, and water possible in suburbia. So our Normal/Grass type will be called Lawna. It will get only four moves. It can pass none of them via Baton Pass. It is literally just there to drink water and be a waste of space.

Abilities? It’s a sentient lawn. It just wastes water. Its primary ability will be Water Absorb while its hidden ability will be Storm Drain.

Learn Set? Splash (1), Growth (15), Grass Whistle (30), Curse (50)

9. Fire/Normal

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Litleo and Pyroar.

Our new Pokemon is? What exactly is a normal fire? Is it a wildfire? Is it a fireplace? Is it a sentient piece of flame that helps you cook eggs? I’m going to go with a fire ant, if only because having a tiny ant breathe fire in Pokemon amuses me.

Abilities? Our tiny ant will have the Guts ability as its primary ability, along with the Quick Feet ability as a secondary ability. As for a hidden ability, we’re going to go with Immunity. Basically the entire goal of our fire ant friend is to beg to be hit by a status condition.

Learn Set? Ember (Learned at level 1), String Shot (1), Quick Attack (7), Leer (12), After You (16), Fire Fang (21), Facade (25), Follow Me (31), False Swipe (37), Work Up (42), Super Fang (47), Teeter Dance (53), Guillotine (58), Skull Bash (64), Metronome (72)

10. Ground/Electric

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Stunfisk

Our new Pokemon is? Alright. Hear me out on this one. It’s a tree Pokemon. The idea is loosely based on power line poles. And it’s green. We’ll call it Limewire. Or something. That name doesn’t sound like it’d be used for anything else.

Abilities? Considering how often tall things get hit by electricity, our Pokemon’s primary ability here will be Lightning Rod. As for a hidden ability, I’m leaning something simple, yet powerful considering this type synergy. Maybe Adaptability. I struggled with the hidden ability here.

Learn Set? Bind (Learned at level 1), Growl (1), Thunder Wave(4), Screech (8), Mud-Slap (12), Spikes (16), Charge (20), Discharge (24), Slam (28), Sandstorm (32), Spark (36), Parabolic Charge (40), High Horsepower (44), Power Whip (48), Wild Charge (52), Earthquake (56)

11. Poison/Fighting

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Croagunk line.

Our new Pokemon is? I really wanted to make this an extension of an existing evolution line. My first thought was to build upon an existing Poison type, but that just led to a bunch of dead ends. Then it hit me — the power of puns will save us. Allow me to introduce you to the missing third form of Mankey…Grimeape. It evolves when you trade Primeape while it’s holding Black Sludge.

Abilities? We’re keeping Vital Spirit as a main ability and Defiant as a hidden ability from Primeape. That said, for our alternate main ability, we’ll be replacing Anger Point with Poison Touch. I went back and forth debating which ability to replace with Poison Touch, but in the end, I feel like giving Grimeape the option to have functional immunity to two different status conditions was too good to pass up.

Learn Set? Scratch (Learned at level 1), Encore (1), Counter (1), Leer (1), Focus Energy (5), Taunt (8), Karate Chop (13), Fury Swipes (16), Low Kick (21), Seismic Toss (24), Poison Tail (28), U-Turn (33), Cross Poison (36), Screech (40), Dual Chop (45), Thrash (49), Purify (53), Outrage (56), Close Combat (62), Gunk Shot (70), Rage (on evolution to Primeape), Poison Jab (on evolution to Grimeape)

12. Ghost/Poison

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Gastly line.

Our new Pokemon is? Something with ectoplasm. Seriously, how haven’t we gone that route yet? Let’s call it Ugg.

Abilities? Obviously Ugg’s primary ability would be Sticky Hold, what with the goo and all. Similarly, the Gooey ability makes for a good secondary ability for the same reason. As for a hidden ability, let’s give a nod to ghosts ability to disappear into their surroundings and give it the Color Change hidden ability.

Learn Set? Astonish (Learned at level 1), Screech (1), Smog (4), Icy Wind (8), Spore (12), Night Shade (16), Smokescreen (20), Sludge (24), Taunt (28), Ominous Wind (32), Toxic (36), Hex (40), Will O Wisp (44), Moonlight (48), Sludge Wave (52), Shadow Ball (56)

13. Electric/Normal

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Heliolisk and Helioptile

Our new Pokemon is? It’s an electric sheep. We…wait. We have one of those. It’s the Ampharos line. Um…and I guess there’s Dubwool. Okay. But this one LOOKS robotic. Think like Porygon.

Abilities? With some level of inspiration coming from Porygon, we’ll be giving the Download ability as one of our sheep’s primary abilities. We’ll also be giving it Motor Drive based on its mechanical leanings. As for a hidden ability, we’ll go with Friend Guard, because I secretly hope robots/AI will save us from ourselves.

Learn Set? Tackle (Learned at level 1), Growl (1), Tail Whip (4), Bulk Up (8), Cotton Spore (12), Feint (16), Tail Slap (20), Thunder Fang (24), Cotton Guard (28), Rollout (32), Stomp (36), Gyro Ball (40), Zing Zap (44), Strength (48), Wild Charge (52), Last Resort (56)

14. Ice/Steel

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Alolan Sandshrew line.

Our new Pokemon is? I’ve been saving my second regional form for the end here because I had a really good idea for this typing. And frankly, we could have seen it in either Galar or Alola. So we’ll go with Galarian Aegislash.

Abilities? Even with the Ice/Steel typing, Galarian Aegislash would retain the Stance Change ability.

Learn Set?  Note: Aegislash only learns moves prior to evolving, so all moves are level 1 here. King’s Shield (Learned at level 1), Head Smash (1), Aerial Ace (1), Metal Sound (1), Slash (1), Night Slash (1), Avalanche (1), Submission (1), Iron Head (1), Swords Dance (1), Sheer Cold (1), Iron Defense (1), Power Trick (1), Liquidation (1), Sacred Sword (1), Fury Cutter (1), Psycho Cut (1), Autotomize (1)

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