My 10 Favorite Pokemon of Each Type

So um…yeah. That whole My Pokemon Gym series that’s given me content for the past 17 months1The original post was a one-off I did nearly a half year before the rest of the posts.? It’s over now. And because this blog is a video game and writing blog, I feel like I should write more video game things. Thing is, I’m writing this in the early summer of 2020. And let me be clear — I’m mentally exhausted right now.

As such, I’m stealing an idea from Lola over at That Little Lola…kind of. She does posts going through her favorite Pokemon of each type. Which is awesome and is the concept that inspired this post. That said, I don’t feel like writing another 18 month long series. That sounds exhausting. So I’m going to write two really LONG Pokemon posts. This will be the first one, while the second will be about shiny Pokemon. I also won’t be sharing thoughts on every single Pokemon on the list, because I don’t feel like writing a 10,000-word post that isn’t fiction or about Fire Emblem. I will give a quick wrap up of each type at the end of the type, however.

That all said, here are the rules.

  • Pokemon may appear in multiple typing lists (so if Pidgey were one of my favorite Normal and Flying types, it could appear in both lists).
  • All Pokemon may appear in the list, including legendaries, regional variants, and various Pokemon forms.
  • Pokemon whose type can be modified with items (Genesect, Silvally, Rotom, etc) will appear in whatever their base type is. For Pokemon that have different variations present in the wild (Oricorio), I’ll consider them in all types they’re available in.
  • A Pokemon’s evolution line may only appear once per type. For example, if both Pidgey and Pidgeot were in my top 10 normal types, whichever one is ranked lower would be removed from the list. Exceptions: The Nidoran lines remain split because of how they appeared in Gen I. Same with the evolutions of Tyrogue for the same reason.
  • This list may not be 100% consistent with previous top Pokemon lists I’ve made. This is partly because a new generation has come out since then, but also because opinions change, man.
  • As I’ve done before, I’m going to be using Dragonfly Cave’s favorite picker tool to help me make these lists.

Here we go.


10. Lickitung
9. Porygon-Z
8. Swellow
7. Eevee
6. Fearow
5. Furret
4. Jigglypuff
3. Delcatty
2. Dodrio
1. Rattata

With apologies to Bidoof, my favorite first route Normal type and my original childhood favorite Pokemon tops the Normal type list. Normal’s frequent crossover with Flying means there are a lot of birds on this list. The most surprising Pokemon on this list were Furret — who I’ve grown to love over the past few years — and Lickitung (who was an afterthought until I played Let’s Go Eevee).


10. Magmar
9. Cinderace
8. Centiscorch
7. Incineroar
6. Flareon
5. Magcargo
4. Chandelure
3. Oricorio (Baile Form)
2. Delphox
1. Vulpix

If I didn’t limit each Pokemon evolution chain to one appearance per type, this list would primarily be just the Vulpix, Fennekin, and Litwick evolution lines. That’s the thing about Fire types. I either adore them or I hate them. Really once you get past Flareon on this list, it’s a lot of ‘yeah…I guess that’s fine’ options. Shoutout to Oricorio Baile Form for being the lynchpin of my Gen VII doubles teams.


10. Heracross
9. Kommo-o
8. Hawlucha
7. Breloom
6. Hitmonlee
5. Crabominable
4. Poliwrath
3. Marshadow
2. Pheramosa
1. Hitmonchan

Hello. It’s me. The only Crabominable fan in existence. Alola had some awesome Fighting types. So much so that three Pokemon I love using in games — Bewear, Falinks, and Gallade — all miss the cut for this list. Hitmonchan and Pheramosa were and easy one and two on this list. That said, everything from third through I’d estimate fifteenth or so is a tough debate. There are a ton of Fighting types I feel freely similarly about.


10. Cramorant
9. Simipour
8. Lapras
7. Kabutops
6. Toxapex
5. Poliwrath
4. Vaporeon
3. Tapu Fini
2. Quagsire
1. Shellder

Hey! We have our first crossover Pokemon between lists. I’d say I’m surprised it didn’t come sooner, but then I look at the types above and realize it makes sense this hasn’t happened before now. Inteleon and Omastar were the most difficult cuts from this list, while the debate between Quagsire and Shellder was tough at the top of the list. Excluding every Water starter was rough, as I’m always Mr. Use A Water Starter in my games. That said, Pokemon has never been lacking for likeable Water types.


10. Xatu
9. Swellow
8. Drifblim
7. Crobat
6. Fearow
5. Sigilyph
4. Oricorio Baile Form
3. Murkrow
2. Dodrio
1. Articuno

Arguably the easiest top three to pick thus far, I could have told you that this list would be Articuno, Dodrio, and Murkow in that order even without the picker tool. That said, I find that I do have a fondness for the Psychic/Flying typing, with both Sigilyph and Xatu making the list. If only I liked Lugia more.


10. Tangrowth
9. Cacturne
8. Decidueye
7. Pansage
6. Kartana
5. Bellsprout
4. Tsareena
3. Leavanny
2. Parasect
1. Oddish

It took a tiny bulb Pokemon to keep the Bug/Grass representatives from sweeping the top spots on this list. As you might be able to tell, my Grass type Pokemon likes are either cute, tiny things, or horrifying monstrosities. There isn’t really an in-between here.


10. Salazzle
9. Tentacruel
8. Ekans
7. Beedrill
6. Ariados
5. Toxapex
4. Crobat
3. Bellspout
2. Venomoth
1. Oddish

More than any other generation on this entire list, Poison type has a very strong Gen I bias. Thing is, I really don’t like a ton of Poison types in general and especially not Gen I Poisons. Of all post-Gen I poison types, the only ones I’ve ever used on my end of game teams are Toxapex (which I’ve used very heavily) and Eternatus (which…meh?). There’ll be some variation soon though.


10. Vikavolt
9. Emolga
8. Magnezone
7. Pachirisu
6. Jolteon
5. Tapu Koko
4. Xurkitree
3. Stunfisk
2. Zebstrika
1. Galvantula

Gen I’s reign of terror at the top of the type list ends in an abrupt way, as there are zero Gen I Pokemon in my top five Electric types. Thing is, both Galar (Pinchurchin, Toxtricity) and Kanto (Electrode, Raichu) had Pokemon just missing out on the top ten.


10. Dugtrio
9. Mudsdale
8. Vibrava
7. Sandaconda
6. Sandslash
5. Stunfisk
4. Palossand
3. Whiscash
2. Krookodile
1. Quagsire

Alright, let’s get this out of the way. LOOK AT THAT FACE! LOOK AT IT! That said, shout out to Vibrava for being one of the few middle stage evolutions that I like better than either the form bigger or smaller than it.


10. Lunala
9. Alakazam
8. Xatu
7. Meloetta (Aria Forme)
6. Sigilyph
5. Espeon
4. Delphox
3. Gardevoir
2. Jynx
1. Hypno

Hypno carried me through my very first run of Pokemon Blue ever (at age 11 or so), meaning I have a soft spot for this incredibly creepy Pokemon. This is in spite of other Psychics in the top ten being my one of my favorite shinies (Espeon), the lone mythical I REALLY want (Meloetta), two of my favorite VGC Pokemon (Gardevoir, Alakazam), and one of my favorite Pokemon to annoy others with (Jynx). Also, let this list serve as your daily reminder that Noctowl is not a Psychic type.


10. Carracosta
9. Aurorus
8. Nihilego
7. Onix
6. Solrock
5. Magcargo
4. Omastar
3. Shuckle
2. Kabutops
1. Sudowoodo

Rock type is filled with Pokemon I’m indifferent about. Even the bottom parts of this top ten show this. I mean, Solrock and Nihilego are fine Pokemon — they’re just better than a bunch of other Pokemon I also don’t care much about. The top four of Rock are amazing and fifth isn’t too bad either. But after that, there’s a steep dropoff.


10. Glaceon
9. Crabominable
8. Jynx
7. Dewgong
6. Cloyster
5. Frosmoth
4. Lapras
3. Froslass
2. Ninetales (Alolan Forme)
1. Articuno

Yes, my favorite Ice type is a legendary. No, I do not care.


10. Wurmple
9. Shuckle
8. Galvantula
7. Ariados
6. Scizor
5. Venomoth
4. Pheramosa
3. Leavanny
2. Frosmoth
1. Parasect

Remember how I said Rock sucked because nothing after 5th was anything I cared about? Bug was the opposite of that. Two Pokemon I’ve used regularly in battle — Heracross and Butterfree — didn’t even sniff the top ten. Galvantula was my top Electric type Pokemon and it’s EIGHTH on this list. There’s another type further down this list that made that type’s top five and it didn’t make the top ten here. Bug type’s brutal, yo.


10. Goodra
9. Eternatus
8. Drampa
7. Zygarde
6. Vibrava
5. Altaria
4. Exeggutor (Alolan Forme)
3. Kommo-o
2. Dragonaire
1. Kingdra

The entire Dratini line could have made this list, but my self-imposed one Pokemon per evolution line limit prevents that. Alolan Exeggutor might be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a Pokemon game, even now that we’re a few years after it came out. Do I use it? Nah. Do I laugh every time I see it? Yes.


10. Banette
9. Lunala
8. Mimikyu
7. Palossand
6. Marshadow
5. Decidueye
4. Drifblim
3. Mismagius
2. Chandelure
1. Froslass

The top two spots here might have been the hardest choice on any of these lists, especially since both of them feature on my current Shield singles team. Froslass gets the edge if only because of my love for Ice types. You may notice the is the second list Palossand has shown up on. I’d argue it’s one of the most underrated Pokemon to come out of Alola.


10. Houndoom
9. Muk (Alolan Forme)
8. Absol
7. Incineroar
6. Shiftry
5. Krookodile
4. Liepard
3. Cacturne
2. Umbreon
1. Murkrow

Dark, like Rock, is kind of top-heavy. It’s not to the same extent, as there are quite a few Dark types I love. But I almost put Guzzlord in the top 10. And Guzzlord is just fever dream Muk. Speaking of Muk, I completely forgot about its existence until shortly before publishing this list, meaning Weavile got bumped at the last second. I feel like I should do a gym theme post wherein my theme is Pokemon I love that everyone else seems to hate. It can be Cacturne, Crabominable, and four other Pokemon that I’ll figure out when I’m not sleepy.


10. Copperajah
9. Ferrothorn
8. Skarmory
7. Kartana
6. Corviknight
5. Meltan
4. Empoleon
3. Scizor
2. Magnezone
1. Mawile

Oh look. Another type filled with cute things or horrifying monstrosities. Or, in Mawile’s case, both.


10. Tapu Koko
9. Mimikyu
8. Clefairy
7. Primarina
6. Sylveon
5. Ribombee
4. Gardevoir
3. Mawile
2. Tapu Fini
1. Jigglypuff

The fact that Ribombee couldn’t crack the top 10 Bug types should tell you something about how deep Bug is in my mind. That said, once this list got past Clefairy, I was really struggling not to pick things in the evolutionary line of stuff I’d already picked. Apologies to the Milcery line, whose entire evolution gimmick is a big reason why I don’t like it as much as I should.

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