My 10 Favorite Shiny Pokemon of Each Type

Last month, I wrote a post detailing my 10 favorite Poekmon of each type. I wrote it because I was tired and because it required relatively little thought — and if I’m honest, because my Pokemon and Fire Emblem posts are good for getting traffic here. So I’m doing a follow up to that post, wherein I’m borrowing another idea from Lola over at That Little Lola. This month, I’m writing a post compiling my 10 favorite shiny Pokemon by each type.

That all said, here are the rules.

  • Pokemon may appear in multiple typing lists (so if Pidgey were one of my favorite Normal and Flying types, it could appear in both lists).
  • All Pokemon may appear in the list, including legendaries, regional variants, and various Pokemon forms.
  • Pokemon whose type can be modified with items (Genesect, Silvally, Rotom, etc) will appear in whatever their base type is. For Pokemon that have different variations present in the wild (Oricorio), I’ll consider them in all types they’re available in.
  • A Pokemon’s evolution line may only appear once per type. For example, if both Pidgey and Pidgeot were in my top 10 normal types, whichever one is ranked lower would be removed from the list. Exceptions: The Nidoran lines remain split because of how they appeared in Gen I. Same with the evolutions of Tyrogue for the same reason.
  • This list may not be 100% consistent with previous top Pokemon lists I’ve made. This is partly because a new generation has come out since then, but also because opinions change, man.
  • As I’ve done before, I’m going to be using Dragonfly Cave’s favorite picker tool to help me make these lists.

Here we go.


10. Meloetta (Aria Forme)
9. Furfrou (Dandy Forme)
8. Wooloo
7. Bunnelby
6. Linoone (Hoenn)
5. Deerling (Summer Forme)
4. Pikipek
3. Unfezant (Male)
2. Taillow
1. Furret

Because many Pokemon have such wildly different shinies form to form1Pokemon spells it as forme, but I’m going to call it form in this section, as autocorrect REALLY hates the word forme., you’ll notice that I broke out the forms in much greater detail here than my other list. I’d forgotten just how good male Unfezant’s shiny was until I started making this list. It wasn’t enough to knock off my two favorite Normal shinies, but it is really good. You may also notice a complete lack of Kanto shinies, as well as only one from Johto. This may well become a theme, because many of the early gen shines were rough to look at.


10. Blacephalon
9. Salandit
8. Raboot
7. Victini
6. Incineroar
5. Magcargo
4. Ponyta (Kanto)
3. Chandelure
2. Braixen
1. Oricorio (Baile Form)

I enjoy how much this specific list mirrored my favorite Fire types list with four of the Pokemon (Oricorio, Chandelure, Magcargo, Incineroar) being exactly the same and two others (Braixen, Raboot) being other Pokemon I liked within the same evolutionary line as ones that made my other list. This specific list features a pair of Pokemon I’ve been looking for a shiny of for a long time, so if you know anyone who has a shiny Oricorio Baile or Ponyta from Kanto, let me know.


10. Makuhita
9. Scrafty
8. Grapploct
7. Breloom
6. Combusken
5. Passimian
4. Crabrawler
3. Meloetta (Pirouette Forme)
2. Pheramosa
1. Poliwrath

Hello. It’s still me. The only Crabominable fan in existence…though I prefer Crabrawler’s shiny to that of its evolved counterpart. The red boxing gloves are a nice touch. Shout out to Passimian for managing to have a not terrible shiny that I’d completely forgotten about.


10. Accelgor
9. Tirtouga
8. Pelipper
7. Tapu Fini
6. Clawitzer
5. Cramorant
4. Simipour
3. Kabutops
2. Poliwrath
1. Shellder

Congratulations to Dracovish for potentially having the worst new shiny in Gen VIII2All of the fossil shinies in Gen VIII are very bad.! You earned it! That said, you might notice that my top five here are all repeats from my favorite Water type list. This is for a good reason — if there’s a Pokemon I really like, it never hurts my opinion on its shiny, especially if that shiny is above average.


10. Mothim
9. Drifloon
8. Cramorant
7. Rookidee
6. Pikipek
5. Zubat
4. Oricorio (Baile Form)
3. Unfezant (Male)
2. Taillow
1. Murkrow

Flying type has so many good shinies, but they nearly all follow a specific pattern. That pattern is that the pre-evolution shinies nearly universally look better than the fully evolved form shinies. There are certainly some exceptions to this, but considering that Rowlet, Trumbeak, Hoothoot, and Golbat all just missed this list, there’s a definite trend here. In some cases, this is because the end stage evolution has a poor shiny (see Rookidee vs. Corviknight), but in most cases, it’s just that I like the pre-evolution’s shiny better.


10. Tsareena
9. Roserade
8. Cacturne
7. Morelull
6. Decidueye
5. Deerling (Summer Forme)
4. Oddish
3. Seedot
2. Tangela
1. Dhelmise

I had never seen Morelull’s shiny before making this list. And you know what? It’s really good. I’ve placed it 7th because I don’t want to overvalue a Pokemon just because I just saw its shiny and am reacting upon initial sight. But damn. That’s a good shiny.


10. Ariados
9. Nidoking
8. Toxapex
7. Poipole
6. Roserade
5. Salandit
4. Oddish
3. Venomoth
2. Zubat
1. Mega Beedrill

Remember how I said that Flying type had so many good shinies? Venomoth — a Pokemon that would have struggled to make the top 15 Flying types — comes in third on my Poison shinies. It’s not for a lack of good Poison types, as you’ll notice by many of the other Pokemon featured here also appearing in their respective dual types lists. Flying was just that deep. It’s a shame Mega Evolutions aren’t in the game anymore, as Mega Beedrill has an amazing shiny.


10. Mega Ampharos
9. Heliolisk
8. Electrode
7. Graveler (Alolan Forme)
6. Eelektross
5. Magnezone
4. Raichu (Alolan Forme)
3. Manectric
2. Vikavolt
1. Xurkitree

Meanwhile, Electric type has some BAD shinies. When Electrode — one of the most forgettable shinies in existence — makes the top 10 comfortably, your typing has a shiny type problem. The top four Pokemon here all have great shinies, but the drop off from fifth onward is harsh.


10. Gabite
9. Barboach
8. Golurk
7. Vibrava
6. Donphan
5. Palpitoad
4. Nidoking
3. Pupitar
2. Sandslash (Kanto Forme)
1. Palossand

Ground type is the land of mid-stage evolutions with really good shinies. Krokorok, Zygarde, and Piloswine all just missed this list, which would have added to the four mid-stage evolutions already on the list. With the exception of Vibrava, nearly all of them are more vibrant than their end stage evolutions. That’s usually what draws me to shiny Pokemon. If two Pokemon are side-by-side and one of them is just a dulled version of their main pallet, I’m going to like it far less than a shiny Pokemon that dials up the contrast of its colors. Palpitoad and Pupitar are two of the best examples of this period, not just in the Ground type.


10. Dottler
9. Deoxys (Speed Forme)
8. Lunala
7. Sigilyph
6. Victini
5. Meowstic (Female)
4. Slowking
3. Mega Gardevoir
2. Solrock
1. Espeon

This might well be the most colorful collection of shinies on this list, featuring Pokemon who are primarily lime green, red-orange, black, magenta, white, purple, crimson, and silver. And that’s not even counting whatever you’d call the technicolor dream coat that Sigilyph’s shiny is.


10. Tirtouga
9. Corsola (Johto Forme)
8. Omastar
7. Roggenrola
6. Magcargo
5. Graveler (Alolan Forme)
4. Pupitar
3. Solrock
2. Shuckle
1. Kabutops

Rock has some interesting shiny Pokemon, including a few that people otherwise forget about. Johto’s form of Corsola is one of the better baby blue shiny Pokemon, while Magcargo and Slugma both have real underrated shinies. The Mountain Dew Reaper owns the top spot here, but not for a lack of competition.


10. Sealeo
9. Eiscue
8. Piloswine
7. Mega Glalie
6. Sandslash (Alolan Forme)
5. Avalugg
4. Lapras
3. Crabominable
2. Delibird
1. Cryoganal

Ice type might be my favorite typing for Pokemon as a whole, but the shiny sprites for the type are woefully underwhelming. Hell, even one of my least favorite Pokemon period, Mega Glalie, made this list — though that has more to do with the Snorunt line having good shinies than anything else. If I were allowing more than one representative per evolution line, this list would be dominated by the Bergmite, Snorun, and Alolan Sandshrew lines.


10. Araquanid
9. Ariados
8. Venomoth
7. Accelgor
6. Vikavolt
5. Wurmple
4. Pheramosa
3. Mega Beedrill
2. Shuckle
1. Scizor

Much like Bug is a brutal typing on my favorites list, it’s a rough typing to get near the top in shinies as well. The top 8 here are very tightly packed — to the point where you could throw the top 5 in particular into a hat and let me draw a name for first place.


10. Druddigon
9. Kingdra
8. Naganadel
7. Flapple
6. Latios
5. Gabite
4. Mega Ampharos
3. Mega Altaria
2. Vibrava
1. Dragonaire

Much like Ice, the Dragon shiny pool is pretty shallow. In addition to suffering from Middle Pokemon Are Better syndrome, there are just some ill-advised shiny colorations (looking at you, Dragonite). I feel like shiny Flapple would be higher on this list if I had one for myself, as the granny smith apple coloration is pretty good.


10. Mismagius
9. Jellicent (Male)
8. Decidueye
7. Aegislash
6. Golurk
5. Lunala
4. Dhelmise
3. Palossand
2. Mega Banette
1. Chandelure

This is how you do a thin pool. Despite Ghost being one of the least represented types in all of Pokemon, nearly all of the shinies are above average, with most of them being amazing3I mean, the less said about shiny Dusknoir, the better. But that’s it.. One of the shinies I most actively sought out in Pokemon Go — Mismagius — barely even cracks the top ten here. Ghost might well have the best top to bottom shiny quality of any typing…but that’s another post.


10. Purrloin
9. Morgrem
8. Krokorok
7. Shiftry
6. Incineroar
5. Bisharp
4. Scrafty
3. Cacturne
2. Umbreon
1. Murkrow

Alright. I swear it wasn’t intentional that the top three of this list is identical to my top three favorite Dark types as a whole. It just kind of worked out that way. There are a small handful of Pokemon whose typing I forget changes as they evolve, only to remember them when I make lists like this. The most notable example is how Staryu is mono-Water type and not Water/Psychic like its evolution. That said, the second biggest example I can think of is the fact that I never remember that Seedot is mono-Grass.


10. Magearna
9. Lucario
8. Bisharp
7. Genesect
6. Escavalier
5. Magnezone
4. Aegislash
3. Zacian (Crowned Forme)
2. Mega Mawile
1. Scizor

Most Steel types have shinies that are varying shades of gold, silver, and gray. If you’ve made it this far in the list, it should not shock you that most of my choices for this list do not follow that pattern. Sure, Magnezone and Magearna make the list, but they’re the exceptions, not the rule. In Steel type, it’s important to stand out. That’s what the best shinies in this type do well.


10. Tapu Lele
9. Mega Gardevoir
8. Morgrem
7. Mr. Mime (Kanto forme)
6. Azumarill
5. Mimikyu
4. Morelull
3. Sylveon
2. Tapu Fini
1. Mega Mawile

Mega Mawile goes back-to-back, which shouldn’t come as a shock. That said, shout out to Mimikyu for making the drained color shiny work. It wasn’t enough to crack the top 10 in Ghost, but that type is stacked. It’s a good shiny, despite the fact that it goes against the logic of most shiny coloration.

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