Re-Typing Existing Pokemon

Earlier this week, one of my fellow Pokemon bloggers, Lola from That Little Lola, did a post where she provided new types for various Pokemon. Basically, if there’s a Pokemon where its current type isn’t the ideal/logical typing for it, what should the new typing be? I loved the concept and Lola graciously encouraged me to write my own post on it. I won’t be repeating any of the Pokemon she used, but that still leaves me with several Pokemon to choose from. And while Lola based most of her choices off a combination of moves, dex entries, appearance, and abilities, you’ll see that my choices are typically less based in fact and more based in whatever I want them to be.

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Psyduck and Golduck

Current Type: Water
New Type: Water/Psychic

We’ll start off with one of the most iconic mistyped Pokemon in the history of the franchise, the Psyduck evolutionary line. Why isn’t this thing part Psychic? I feel like the actual answer was for balance reasons in Gen I, as there was already a powerful Water/Psychic in Starmie, not to mention Psychic was overpowered1The two best non-legendary Pokemon in the main game (not competitive battling) were Alakazam and Kadabra. Hypno was likely third.. But…it’s right there in the name. Let’s remedy this grave mistake.

Kantonian Marowak

Current Type: Ground
New Type: Ground/Ghost

If nothing else, the Marowak you fight near the top of the Pokemon Tower in Red and Blue should be Ground/Ghost. Because it’s dead. Oh. By the way. Spoilers for a twenty-two-year-old game2Also, I run a spoiler friendly blog. In case you didn’t know. As in I’m a huge fan of spoilers..

Totodile, Crocnaw, and Feraligatr

Current Type: Water
New Type: Normal

Did you know that Feraligatr learns DOUBLE the number of Normal type attacking moves (6) from level up than it does Water type attacking moves (3)? It’s water type because it’s a gator and because it’s a starter. That’s it.3If you’d like to argue that Feraligatr should be Water/Grass because gators live in the swamp, I’d buy that. It’d need a revamp to its movepool, but I like it.


Current Type: Bug/Flying
New Type: Flying/Fighting

Hitmonchan learns nine different punch-based moves. Ledian learns seven4Seriously. Mach Punch, Comet Punch, Dizzy Punch, Drain Punch, Focus Punch, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch.. I know it’s a ladybug, so Bug/Flying is the logical typing. But come on.


Current Type: Ice/Flying
New Type: Flying/Fairy

You mean to tell me that a jolly bird that travels around the world in one night delivering presents to all the good little Pokegirls, boys, and them doesn’t have some Fairy magic in its bag? Bullshit. I don’t care where it lives5Delibird keeps a summer home in Morocco..


Current Type: Fire
New Type: Fire/Rock

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve thought Torkoal was a Fire/Rock type only to be wrong. We’re fixing this. And coal is a kind of rock.6Just look at Coalossal! This is the whole Psyduck situation all over again.

Wormadam (Trash Cloak)

Current Type: Bug/Steel
New Type: Bug/Poison

This is the Trash Cloak forme, not the Recycling Cloak forme. Get your shit together, Game Freak7If Niantic were in charge of designing Pokemon instead of Game Freak, every Pokemon would be Trash Forme..

Cherubi and Cherrim

Current Type: Grass
New Type: Grass/Fairy

You might be surprised to learn that something this adorable isn’t a Fairy type. But then you learn that Snubull, Granbull, and Xerneas are all Fairy type. It’s at that point you realize that being cute is not a pre-requisite for being Fairy type8Even though there are Pokemon that I don’t think are cute that are Fairy type — Aromatisse, for example — I can at least see where Game Freak was coming from..


Current Type: Water
New Type: Water/Flying

Really. This thing has one of the weirdest movepools in the entire history of Pokemon. Did you know it has, at various points, been able to learn Gust, Air Cutter, Defog, and Tailwind? That’s to say nothing of the fact that it also learns Silver Wind, which really shouldn’t be a Bug move, and Ominous Wind, which is just the Ghost version of Silver Wind. Side note, if I could pick two Pokemon I want to find their way into future DLC for Sword and Shield, it’d be the Delcatty and Lumineon lines9Ignoring the fact that I’d have to re-breed these Pokemon to get the egg moves on them that I want, that is..


Current Type: Bug/Flying
New Type: Steel/Flying

How the hell isn’t this thing a Steel type? Look at it.


Current Type: Psychic/Flying
New Type: Psychic/Ghost

For a Pokemon that used to be a guardian of an ancient city, you’d think it’d be a lot more dead than the lack of a Ghost type would lead you to believe. Call this the Marowak rule10You could also call it the Banette rule..

Fraxure and Haxorus

Current Type: Dragon
New Type: Dragon/Dark

When you’re trying to be edgy, you need to be Dark type. Pokemon’s worst designed evolution line needs a Dark typing, though Axew is a bit too cute to for sure get it. I could go either way on it. But Fraxure and Haxorus definitely stole their parents’ credit cards and went shopping at a high-end store11Whatever the rich kid version of Hot Topic is. I assume J.Crew? to try to blend in with the cool kids. It didn’t work.

Cubchoo and Beartic

Current Type: Ice
New Type: Ice/Poison



Current Type: Grass/Fighting
New Type: Grass/Rock

Look at that shell and tell me that’s not an armadillo’s armor. Have you ever been punched by an armadillo? No. But I bet one has curled into a ball to defend itself in your presence. This assumes you live in Florida, where they apparently walk around like they own the place13I spent three weeks working in Tampa for a previous employer. I saw at least one armadillo a day every day that I was there. Didn’t see shit for good food, but there were armadillos..


Current Type: Grass
New Type: Grass/Fighting

Much like Ledian is a punching Pokemon that should have the Fighting type, Tsareena is a kicking Pokemon that needs the Fighting type. This can cover the gap left in the teams of the six people who used Chesnaught competitively14I’d apologize to Chesnaught’s fans, but they’re still angry I called Haxorus edgy, so they’re not listening..


Current Type: Steel/Flying
New Type: Steel/Grass

I’m of the opinion that you need to be able to learn a Flying type move through level up if you’re going to be a Flying type. Celesteela learns FOUR Grass type moves via level up in Gen VIII and zero Flying moves. And yes, it did learn a Flying type move via level up in Gen VII…when it learned SIX Grass type moves from level up. Of all the Pokemon on this list, I think this is the one I feel the most strongly about.15I can work out the logistics of why this happened. They wanted Celesteela to be immune to Ground type moves. Normally, you just give that Pokemon the Levitate ability. That said, all ultra beasts get Beast Boost as their ability, so that was off the table. But if you’re going to give it a Flying typing, give it some actual flying moves to work with.

Clobbopus and Grapploct

Current Type: Fighting
New Type: Dark

I bet you thought I was going Water type here? But no. If Incineroar is a Dark type because it’s based on a wrestling heel, Grapploct should be Dark type for being based on nightmares16Like The Fiend, Freddy Krueger, or ranch dressing..

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