Q1 2021 Book Earnings Charity Wrap-Up

Hi all. I’m a bit later into the month than I’d intended when I planned to write this post. That said, the last six weeks have been a whirlwind of stress and anxiety for me, so I’m a bit behind on everything.

As you might be aware, I did a post at the beginning of this year talking about my 2020 book charity work. Since I wrote that post, I’ve released Kotov Syndrome, meaning that I now have two books I’ll be tracking charity donations for across 2021. I intend to do these posts quarterly if sales come in regularly, though I’ll make the posts less frequent if sales drop off. For those new to this blog, or only coming across it because I posted on Twitter, here’s what I’m doing.

  • 100% of my earnings from An Epilogue to Innocence go to The Marshall Project.
  • 15% of my earnings from Kotov Syndrome go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Once the book becomes profitable, this amount increases to 25%.

So then…what does that look like for Q1? An Epilogue to Innocence sold one copy for a total profit of $2.26. That said, I also ran a promotion on the weekend my novel released where you could pick up AETI for free and I would honor the profit amount for a donation. If I include the eight copies picked up for free in that time at the same rate, that brings the total to $20.34 for Q1 2021.

As for Kotov Syndrome, this number has been a bit harder for me to track, as I’ve had to track it across four different platforms rather than just the one for my short story book. Only three of the platforms saw sales in Q1 2021, with those profits looking as such.

  • Amazon: $57.25 in profit, $8.59 donation
  • Ingram Spark: $183.15 in profit*, $27.47 donation
  • Smashwords: $3.30 in profit, $0.50 donation
  • Total: $243.70 in profit, $36.56 donation

Before I continue on, let’s talk about that asterisk on the Ingram Spark line. Ingram Spark doesn’t pay out their earnings for roughly 120 days after they’ve been earned. This means that I actually haven’t received a single cent I’ve made from them yet — and it’s 75% of my earnings to date. That said, I will still be counting donation amounts based off of when the book was sold, meaning that the donation to the National Alliance on Mental Illness will be for the $36.56 listed above.

We’re still a good ways away from reaching that 25% threshold. If books were to continue to sell based off of the Q1 pace, we’d reach that mark in Q1 2022, though that has not been the trend to this point. That said, I’m hopeful that I’ll hit said goal sooner rather than later.

I want to thank everyone for your help in making the launch of Kotov Syndrome successful. In a little over three months, Kotov Syndrome has nearly eclipsed every metric that An Epilogue to Innocence had. And while I know I’ve improved as a writer between those two books, I certainly didn’t expect the massive positive response that this book has gotten in so many ways. So, thank you all.

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