Q2 2021 Book Earnings Charity Wrap-Up

Good day all. Now that we’re halfway through the year, it’s time again to do another update as to my charity work with my books.

As you might be aware, I did a post at the beginning of this year talking about my 2020 book charity work. Since I wrote that post, I’ve released Kotov Syndrome, meaning that I now have two books I’ll be tracking charity donations for across 2021. I intend to do these posts quarterly if sales come in regularly, though I’ll make the posts less frequent if sales drop off. For those new to this blog, or only coming across it because I posted on Twitter, here’s what I’m doing.

  • 100% of my earnings from An Epilogue to Innocence go to The Marshall Project.
  • 15% of my earnings from Kotov Syndrome go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Once the book becomes profitable, this amount increases to 25%.

If you haven’t read the post from Q1 of 2021, it’s available here. Let’s get into this most recent quarter.

There were no sales for An Epilogue to Innocence in Q2, meaning there’s no additional donation going this quarter. As for Kotov Syndrome, the donations breakdown like this.

  • Amazon: $8.22 in profit, $1.23 donation
  • Ingram Spark: $3.21 in profit*, $0.48 donation
  • Total: $11.43 in profit, $1.71 donation

As mentioned in last quarter’s post, Ingram Spark pays out their royalties on roughly a 120 day delay. This means I didn’t see any payout for the earliest of Q1’s royalties until May 2021. I’ll still be making the donation based on the sales date though. Donations for both Q1 and Q2 went in today and receipt images can be found below. The numbers in the screenshots are bigger than the Q1 and Q2 totals because I elected to cover the transaction fees as well.

Donation to NAMI

Donation to The Marshall Project

Thank you all for supporting my writing. If you want to pick up a copy of Kotov Syndrome or An Epilogue to Innocence, please click the links to do so. My hope is to have another update in Q3 with more money to donate thanks to purchases of the books.

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