An Epilogue to Innocence

An Epilogue to Innocence is a book of dark short stories from debuting indie author Tim Baughman Jr. The book focuses on the darker, more challenging emotions and experiences that many twenty-somethings are exposed to for the first time. From death to deceit, from true love to true lust, An Epilogue to Innocence attempts to look at these events in a stylized and bleak fashion, in an effort to capture the visceral nature of those emotions.

Where Can I Buy An Epilogue to Innocence?

An Epilogue to Innocence is available for purchase through both as a paperback book and a Kindle book. Pricing for copies of the book are as follows. All prices below are subject to local, state, and country taxes. International pricing varies.

Paperback: $7.99
Kindle Only: $2.99
Paperback and Kindle combo: $8.98 ($7.99 + $0.99)

More information about pricing and availability can be found on the launch announcement blog post.

Praise for An Epilogue to Innocence

“First time Indie Author Tim Baughman writes multiple short stories about millennials coming of age, and finding disappointment. Well written, well-edited, and well done. I hope to see more from this author.” – Kat via Goodreads

“As if you were sitting in a cozy cafe watching the lives of the people around you, each different and somehow the same. I think that’s actually the best way to describe this wonderful book. It’s not just a collection, it’s a community of stories with depth, substance, and grit.” – The Patchwork Diaries

“I don’t normally like short stories but these were truly good. The characters felt authentic and I could understand their motivations, which isn’t always the case in short stories- I often feel like I’m missing some major part of the story. ” – Brittany from Pines and Palmettos

“Tim writes from a variety of perspectives—he focuses on Americans in their 20s, but transitions comfortably between genders, backgrounds, and personalities. One can easily lose themselves in the stories like reading so many people’s well-written diaries.” – Samantha from Jill of All Trades

“Some stories will resonate more than others, and all are captivating. A few moments of more exposition than perhaps necessary, AETI is a light yet juicy read, providing not too much to overload and just enough to satisfy… Almost. Am I allowed to request a fuller version of ‘Strongest Feelings‘ within a review?” – Laidig from Laidig’s Broadway

“Though tackling some hard and often intense issues, Baughman has the capability to leave one feeling hopeful after reading. Where that hope comes from, I can’t quite put my finger on it definitively. I personally would attribute it to the fact that it is a reminder the harder times in life, particularly in our young adult years, are not abnormal. We all face things that either make us stronger or break us down in the end, and An Epilogue to Innocence captures that with grace.” – Tabitha from The Caffeinated Wordsmith

“I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a really fun read that will hit on nearly every emotion. For anyone looking to feel a little bit, or maybe learn a little about themselves. I would, without a doubt, buy this book and jump into it immediately.” – Mike on Goodreads

“Overall, An Epilogue to Innocence is a satisfying read that you can easily finish within a day or so, but will likely take longer than that to fully digest. There’s a lot of sadness and loss within these few pages, but there’s just enough optimism sprinkled in there to keep it from becoming too bleak.” – Cherie from Modern Yet Nostalgic

“It can be read in one sitting, blasting through the vastly different stories, or bit by bit, exploring each character’s triumphs and struggles one at a time. The writing style is descriptive, clear, and emotionally raw, leaving you with questions to ponder and ideas to contemplate.” – Eve on Goodreads