I am an author.

I never thought I’d be able to say those words. During my sophomore year high school English class, my teacher told me that the story I had written was so bad that I should consider never writing creatively again. I didn’t for a while. About the same time, I picked up blogging. I had my own Xanga, which was devoted to top ten lists. Said site has been lost to the annals of space and time.

Five years later, I was struggling to adjust to life after college. I’d finished undergrad work quicker than my peers, meaning I was back living with my grandparents. I was working a job with long hours and poor pay. My love life was going nowhere. I didn’t have a ton to complain about, but I felt like a failure. I went to two therapy appointments. After finding out how much the first one cost, I kept my second appointment, just to tell the therapist I couldn’t afford to keep coming, but I was hoping she had some suggestions for me to help myself, at least until I could afford to start therapy again.

She suggested I started writing. So I did. That was January 2009.

I’ve blogged once a week on various sites pretty much non-stop since then. Some times I’ve done more1Hello 435 posts in 2011., other times have been a bit more barren2There was a four-month span in 2016 where I wrote nothing.. But I’ve kept writing. What started as a mental release for me has turned into something more. It may not be the best blog in the world, but it’s my space, wherever that may be. I’m happy you’ve chosen to share it with me.

I’m Tim. I’ve been running That Tiny Website since 2013. Before that, I’ve blogged various places, ranging from that Xanga when I was 16 years old (2004ish), to a pair of college sports blogs, to other personal blogs I’ve had.

As I said, I’m an author. If you want to read more about my first book, An Epilogue to Innocence, there’s a whole page devoted to it. If you’re interested in any of the professional editing services I provide, there’s a page for that too. If you’re just here to read, hi. Feel free to hop in the comments and chat.

Writing has been my escape from the world for almost a decade now. It’s allowed me to meet great people who have great stories to tell. Here’s to hoping in your time on this site that we can tell great stories to each other.

Note: All featured images used on this blog are from the Pexels free image database unless otherwise noted. Other images are sourced as applicable on a post-by-post basis, unless said picture was taken by me. Then I did it.


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