Short Stories


“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Corri said, mumbling to herself. “Pick up the phone, Rian.” Corri Sharp stared at the signs as she drove up Interstate 75 heading northbound. The next exit had to be coming up soon. She’d only driven this route once before. But even then, it was in the light. And in the summer. …

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This short story is a response to one of Poke Traveller Lola’s November writing challenge prompts. The prompt I’ve chosen is “I’m no illusion”. Just as a warning, this story does get a bit dark at a couple of different points. Just a warning in case you need that. “It’s not coming clean,” I mumbled. …

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Meeting Charlie Madagan

Note: The following short story is actually the combination of a pair of ideas I’ve had floating around in my head for a while now. At the recommendation of a few writer friends, I thought I’d pilot the idea as a short story and see what people thought. “Hot chocolate with two shots for Tyler!” …

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Snow in Tunisia

The following post is a short story where those who support me on Patreon were able to vote and choose what this short story would be about and/or have as a theme. Since their poll ended in a tie, I’ll be writing both short stories over the next couple months. This short story’s theme is …

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