Kotov Syndrome Press Kit

Hi! If you’re seeing this page, it means that you’ve stated interest in helping me publicize my book, Kotov Syndrome, prior to and/or on its launch date of Saturday, January 23rd, 2021. This page has a lot of information that will help you help me make this launch a success.

Author Bio and Photo

Tim Baughman Jr is an author, blogger, and freelance editor. His works focus on the topics of mental health, sexuality, love, and relationships, told through the lens of varying genres. He is an avid fan of turn-based RPGs, flavored coffee, and ice hockey. He doesn’t know what else to write about himself, as he finds himself quite boring.

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Book Cover and Blurb

Kotov Syndrome Cover

Erika Edens is panicking. Behind on her bills and stuck in a crappy job, she’s blindsided when ex-love-of-her-life Abby shows up needing a place to stay. This is the perfect situation for a second chance…

…except that Abby is a computer simulation in the body of an android. Battling the rising hostility of her world and the demons in her head, Erika struggles to come to terms with living in a country increasingly hostile to non-human entities. Can Erika adapt to life with her new roommate? Or will her troubles end any chance at reconciliation before it gets started?

Book Information

  • Title: Kotov Syndrome
  • Series: Azaes Realm (Book 1)
  • Genre: Drama, Science Fiction
  • Release Date: January 23rd, 2021
  • Trigger Warnings: Alcoholism, anxiety, bigotry, car accident, death, hate crimes, homophobia, intrusive thoughts, mental illness, racism, sexism, strong language, trauma/PTSD, violence

Where To Buy

If you plan to put some links to purchase the book in your social media/blog posts, awesome. I’ve selected some common purchase locations below. For a full list of where to buy, go to the Kotov Syndrome page on this blog. Also, rate and review the book on Goodreads if you happen to pick up the book yourself.

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