Other Media

In addition to my work here on That Tiny Website, I’ve also been fortunate enough to create other media at various points in life. Links and additional information for that media can be found below. Each item below also either has its own page or blog category associated with it1Everything will be pages in time, however that’s still some work I need to do on my end.. Those are linked below as applicable as well.

An Epilogue to Innocence

In June 2016, I released my debut book of short stories, An Epilogue to Innocence, via self-publishing through CreateSpace. The book stories centered around main characters in their twenties, typically dealing with tragedies or other unexpected parts of young adulthood. Some of the stories have far more realistic and common problems than others, however the intent in compiling these stories was to focus on the characters within the stories rather than solely on the problems themselves.

There’s an entire page on my blog dedicated to An Epilogue to Innocence. Additionally, you can pick up my book through Amazon. If you’ve read the book, I would encourage you to rate it on Goodreads or Amazon.

Every year since the book’s launch, I’ve done a charity drive with the proceeds from by book going to different organizations. In 2016, the funds went to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, while in 2017, the proceeds went to UNICEF. I’ll be doing another charity drive in 2018. More info to come on that closer to time.


Over time, I’ve been a host and/or editor for a few different podcasts. My current podcast is a sports podcast called We Were Kind of a Big Deal in College. You can find us on most podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts. We do a new show roughly quarterly at this point, so keep an eye on your feeds for new episodes. I’ll also be adding a page to this blog with more information about the show in the coming weeks.

Other Writing Work(s) in Progress

I’ve decided to work on my first full-length novel. I’ve completed novels for NaNoWriMo in 2011 as well as in 2015, however I wanted to challenge myself with the prospect of writing a full novel with the purpose of publishing the book.

The novel is still very much a work in progress as of fall 2018. That said, you can keep up with where I’m at on that by reading the WIP tag on my blog. There’s only a couple of posts there now, however as I continue to write the novel, that number will grow.