Recommended Reads

Interested in reading some great blogs? Peruse the links below. I’ve attempted to divide the blogs more or less into general topics, however there are some that straddle the line between one or more content areas.

Are you a blogger on this list? Feel as though I’ve categorized your blog incorrectly? Let me know.


Coma Diary – An art, inspiration, and photography blog.

Laidig’s Broadway – Personal blog of a theater actor from the UK.

Static Image – A personal blog told with a heavy professional photography influence.


Comic Wisdom – Comedy and social commentary by Samantha Clarke. The two concepts over lap in her posts quite a bit.


A Red Rover – A political/foreign correspondence blog written about the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Clantily Scad – Humor/political/mental health blog. Rarely updated anymore, but was incredibly thought provoking when it was. Also a sports blog from time to time, particularly MMA.

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