Sky Pothole

A few weeks ago, as I was flying from Ohio to California via Las Vegas, I snapped the following picture over southwestern Nebraska.

I’m usually pretty good at cloud identification from the ground, but I honestly have no idea why this phenomenon occurred. I took the picture while sitting on a flight at an extremely early hour of the morning, with a row all to myself. You’d be surprised how few people take flights to Las Vegas at 530 in the morning.

By visiting Las Vegas en route to California — in addition to hitting Atlanta on the trip back — I’ve managed to hit one of my 30 for 30 goals just a couple of months late. I’ve now been to over half of the states of the United States.

As I look over everywhere I’ve been, nearly all of the states I’ve visited have been for work reasons. Whether it’s travelling for a job I was working for or moving for a new job, I’ve been to around 20 states on this map for the first time because of work. I recognize I’m very fortunate for this to be the case. Being able to see a good portion of the country I live in has calmed my desire for travel to non-US locations, even though I’d still love to go places.

It’s rare anymore to have a relatively quiet flight. On said flight to Las Vegas, I had two entire rows to myself. I spent the first half of the flight working on my current story project, while the second half of the flight was devoted to re-playing Pokemon Gold.

The last time I had a flight this empty, it was my first flight ever, heading from New Jersey to Spain for my study abroad program. That flight set a lot of false expectations for me around how empty planes are supposed to be. But, nearly twelve years later, I finally got a similarly empty plane. Having that time to yourself leaves you lots of time to think. Regardless of whether that time is devoted to writing or to thinking about exactly how sky potholes form, it’s a wonderful change of pace.