Theorycrafting Unique Type Pokemon (Part 2)

One of the more fun, yet challenging, post types I’ve written for this blog are my Pokemon theorycrafting posts. I’ve done a pair of them now, wherein I (along with some help) took some unused type combinations and used them to create new concept Pokemon. It’s an exercise that requires more thought than I’m willing to admit, if only because I do try to make an effort to think about the kinds of Pokemon I’d want to see in a game, how they’d balance, and what fits the world of a game I’ve been playing off and on since I was 12.

One of my fellow Pokemon bloggers, Lola from That Little Lola, presented me with an idea that we decided to turn into a collaboration. In the Pokemon games, there are currently — as of May 11th, 2020 — 54 Pokemon evolution lines or individual Pokemon that have unique typing combinations. An example of this would be Empoleon. Empoleon has a typing of Water/Steel, making it the only Pokemon with that typing. Similarly, there are two Water/Ghost Pokemon, however they are both within the Frillish evolution line. Both of these situations are considered to be unique type Pokemon for our lists.

Lola and I have divided these 54 Pokemon between us. From there, we’ll both be doing our list in two parts. You can check out the posts at the links below.

Lola’s posts – Part 1 | Part 2
My posts – Part 1 | Part 2

For my list, I’m limiting myself to no more than two regional variations per list. I think there were some missed opportunities in the regional variations, but I don’t want to do a whole list based off of them. Similarly, I’m also limiting myself to no more than two evolutionary line additions/splits per post.

1. Ice/Ghost

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Froslass

Our new Pokemon is? It’s interesting that Froslass is the current Ice/Ghost Pokemon, because I’d love to see a regional variation of it — one that we’ll get to a bit later in this post. That said, I’m thinking this Pokemon is one based on the Aurora Borealis, if only because of the mystic nature it has.

Abilities? Not every ability is good. Illuminate is a terrible ability. But it does make sense for this Pokemon. As for a hidden ability, I’d like to think a Pokemon based off of pastel lights would have Pastel Veil as a hidden ability. It just makes sense.

Learn Set? Astonish (Learned at level 1), Gust (1), Flash (6), Poison Gas (13), Icy Wind (19), Confuse Ray (25), Aurora Beam (29), Ominous Wind (33), Whirlwind (39), Hail (43), Safeguard (50), Freeze-Dry (57), Tailwind (62), Blizzard (69), Destiny Bond (77)

2. Grass/Ground

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Torterra

Our new Pokemon is? Literally any plant Pokemon could be Grass/Ground. How is Torterra the only one? What the hell? I’ve got this. Let’s cross over the Piranha Plant from Mario. Sure, you could argue it should be Grass/Poison. But it’s a potted plant. We’ll give it some Poison moves.

Abilities? Since there’s an argument that can be made for the Piranha Plant to be Poison type, we’ll give it Poison Touch for one of its abilities. I feel like Chlorophyll makes a ton of sense for a secondary ability, considering how prevelant is it on Grass types as a whole. As for a hidden ability, why not Grass Surge? A crossover appearance would likely generate something being overpowered about the Piranha Plant, so why not that?

Learn Set? Wrap (Learned at level 1), Withdraw (1), Acid (4), Growl (8), Vine Whip (12), Growth (16), Flame Burst (20), Ice Ball (24), Dig (28), Slam (32), Razor Leaf (36), Slam (40), Earth Power (44), Power Whip (48), Sludge Bomb (52), Solar Blade (56), Earthquake (60), Wood Hammer (64)

3. Fighting/Ice

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Crabominable

Our new Pokemon is? If you haven’t watched this Pokemon theory talking about how Snorunt is actually just a failed Falinks, you should. It’s really good. That said, we now have a missed opportunity here — Galarian Froslass as a dual Fighting and Ice type.

Abilities? Since this is still Froslass, it’ll retain the Snow Cloak ability. And because we’re playing off of the above mentioned theory, the hidden ability for our Galarian Froslass will be Defiant, the hidden ability of Falinks.

Learn Set? Tackle (Learned at level 1), Rock Smash (1), Protect (1), Endure (1), Ice Fang (1), Headbutt (1), Crunch (1), Powder Snow (1), Leer (1), Double Team (1), Focus Energy (15), Ice Shard (20), Icy Wind (25), Frost Breath (30), Seismic Toss (35), Hail (40), Focus Blast (47), Aurora Veil (54), Final Gambit (61), Blizzard (68), No Retreat (on evolution)

4. Poison/Fire

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Salandit line.

Our new Pokemon is? I originally had a really boring idea, but then something hit me — Greek Fire. Which leads me to an interesting idea. What if Karrablast had a separate evolution — say when it’s traded while holding a Flame Orb or a Toxic Orb? We’ll call it Karratine, which is a play on Karrablast’s name, as well as the Byzantine Empire, which used Greek Fire to great effect.

Abilities? We’ll let Karratine retain one of Escavilier’s two main abilities, as Shell Armor seems like a good choice here. We’ll also give it Flash Fire, considering the effectiveness of the Greek Fire concept. I had to think for a bit for a hidden ability, but Bulletproof seems like the right call here, if only as a nod to the armor of its Steel type roots.

Learn Set? Peck (Learned at level 1), Leer (1), Acid (1), Fury Cutter (5), Endure (9), Acid Spray (12), Powder (17), Flame Charge (22), Fire Punch (27), Poison Jab (27), Cross Poison (32), Swords Dance (37), Fiery Dance (41), Flamethrower (46), Trick (51), Gunk Shot (56), Flare Blitz (63)

5. Electric/Fire

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Uh…Rotom Heat? If it’s not Rotom Wash, I don’t use it. So I tend to forget about the Rotoms.

Our new Pokemon is? The Brave Little Toaster, only it’s on fire. We’ll call it Cronchy.

Abilities? Cronchy gets one ability, and it’s an exclusive one — Toast. The Toast ability causes the first Fire attack it hits an opponent with to do 1.5x damage, at the expense of all future Fire attacks that Cronchy uses on that Pokemon doing .5x damage. This penalty persists even if Cronchy or the opposing Pokemon switch out. Its signature move — Toast Shuriken — is a Fire-type version of Water Shuriken.

Learn Set? Thundershock (Learned at level 1), Tail Whip (1), Ember (5), Charge (10), Tail Slap (15), Discharge (20), Double Hit (25), Incinerate (30), Spark (35), Iron Defense (40), Toast Shuriken (45), Volt Switch (50), Fire Lash (55), Heat Crash (60), Memento (65)

6. Rock/Electric

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Alolan Golem line.

Our new Pokemon is? This Pokemon is based off of the Baghdad Battery. It’s an early galvanic cell (in theory), so I think it’s kind of a cool thing to base a Pokemon off of. When Mythbusters tested this, it only produced a weak electrical current…but what if it didn’t? We’ll even give it a cool name like Ohmphrates or something.

Abilities? It’s a galvanic cell. Clearly our primary ability is Battery, right? And our hidden ability is Galvanize. This was easy.

Learn Set? Tackle (Learned at level 1), Sand-Attack (1), Thundershock (5), Thunder Wave (9), Rollout (12), Bide (17), Rock Tomb (22), Thunderbolt (26), Helping Hand (30), Acid Armor (34), Chip Away (38), Power Gem (43), Thunder (47), Shell Smash (55), Explosion (62)

7. Dragon/Ice

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Kyruem

Our new Pokemon is? Licensing rights fees won’t let us get a Game of Thrones crossover here, so we’re just going to go with a generic ice-breathing dragon. It can breed with Mudbray. I don’t have a name for it.

Abilities? I feel like the obvious answer here is Refrigerate, so let’s not go that route. Instead, we’ll give our dragon the primary ability Cute Charm, because dragons need love too. There won’t be a secondary ability for this Pokemon, but we will have a hidden ability. The logical answer to me here is Slush Rush, as we’ll be taking advantage of the speed in the hail to dish out some powerful moves.

Learn Set? Quick Attack (Learned at level 1), Sand-Attack (1), Ice Ball (5), Ember (9), Dragon Rage (12), Ice Fang (17), Wing Attack (22), Howl (26), Dragon Claw (30), Avalanche (34), Ice Punch (38), Dragon Dance (43), Dragon Tail (47), Hurricane (55), Outrage (62)

8. Normal/Grass

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Deerling and Sawsbuck.

Our new Pokemon is? You know how everyone and their mother considers having a lawn normal? I hate lawns. They’re the biggest waste of time, energy, and water possible in suburbia. So our Normal/Grass type will be called Lawna. It will get only four moves. It can pass none of them via Baton Pass. It is literally just there to drink water and be a waste of space.

Abilities? It’s a sentient lawn. It just wastes water. Its primary ability will be Water Absorb while its hidden ability will be Storm Drain.

Learn Set? Splash (1), Growth (15), Grass Whistle (30), Curse (50)

9. Fire/Normal

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Litleo and Pyroar.

Our new Pokemon is? What exactly is a normal fire? Is it a wildfire? Is it a fireplace? Is it a sentient piece of flame that helps you cook eggs? I’m going to go with a fire ant, if only because having a tiny ant breathe fire in Pokemon amuses me.

Abilities? Our tiny ant will have the Guts ability as its primary ability, along with the Quick Feet ability as a secondary ability. As for a hidden ability, we’re going to go with Immunity. Basically the entire goal of our fire ant friend is to beg to be hit by a status condition.

Learn Set? Ember (Learned at level 1), String Shot (1), Quick Attack (7), Leer (12), After You (16), Fire Fang (21), Facade (25), Follow Me (31), False Swipe (37), Work Up (42), Super Fang (47), Teeter Dance (53), Guillotine (58), Skull Bash (64), Metronome (72)

10. Ground/Electric

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Stunfisk

Our new Pokemon is? Alright. Hear me out on this one. It’s a tree Pokemon. The idea is loosely based on power line poles. And it’s green. We’ll call it Limewire. Or something. That name doesn’t sound like it’d be used for anything else.

Abilities? Considering how often tall things get hit by electricity, our Pokemon’s primary ability here will be Lightning Rod. As for a hidden ability, I’m leaning something simple, yet powerful considering this type synergy. Maybe Adaptability. I struggled with the hidden ability here.

Learn Set? Bind (Learned at level 1), Growl (1), Thunder Wave(4), Screech (8), Mud-Slap (12), Spikes (16), Charge (20), Discharge (24), Slam (28), Sandstorm (32), Spark (36), Parabolic Charge (40), High Horsepower (44), Power Whip (48), Wild Charge (52), Earthquake (56)

11. Poison/Fighting

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Croagunk line.

Our new Pokemon is? I really wanted to make this an extension of an existing evolution line. My first thought was to build upon an existing Poison type, but that just led to a bunch of dead ends. Then it hit me — the power of puns will save us. Allow me to introduce you to the missing third form of Mankey…Grimeape. It evolves when you trade Primeape while it’s holding Black Sludge.

Abilities? We’re keeping Vital Spirit as a main ability and Defiant as a hidden ability from Primeape. That said, for our alternate main ability, we’ll be replacing Anger Point with Poison Touch. I went back and forth debating which ability to replace with Poison Touch, but in the end, I feel like giving Grimeape the option to have functional immunity to two different status conditions was too good to pass up.

Learn Set? Scratch (Learned at level 1), Encore (1), Counter (1), Leer (1), Focus Energy (5), Taunt (8), Karate Chop (13), Fury Swipes (16), Low Kick (21), Seismic Toss (24), Poison Tail (28), U-Turn (33), Cross Poison (36), Screech (40), Dual Chop (45), Thrash (49), Purify (53), Outrage (56), Close Combat (62), Gunk Shot (70), Rage (on evolution to Primeape), Poison Jab (on evolution to Grimeape)

12. Ghost/Poison

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Gastly line.

Our new Pokemon is? Something with ectoplasm. Seriously, how haven’t we gone that route yet? Let’s call it Ugg.

Abilities? Obviously Ugg’s primary ability would be Sticky Hold, what with the goo and all. Similarly, the Gooey ability makes for a good secondary ability for the same reason. As for a hidden ability, let’s give a nod to ghosts ability to disappear into their surroundings and give it the Color Change hidden ability.

Learn Set? Astonish (Learned at level 1), Screech (1), Smog (4), Icy Wind (8), Spore (12), Night Shade (16), Smokescreen (20), Sludge (24), Taunt (28), Ominous Wind (32), Toxic (36), Hex (40), Will O Wisp (44), Moonlight (48), Sludge Wave (52), Shadow Ball (56)

13. Electric/Normal

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Heliolisk and Helioptile

Our new Pokemon is? It’s an electric sheep. We…wait. We have one of those. It’s the Ampharos line. Um…and I guess there’s Dubwool. Okay. But this one LOOKS robotic. Think like Porygon.

Abilities? With some level of inspiration coming from Porygon, we’ll be giving the Download ability as one of our sheep’s primary abilities. We’ll also be giving it Motor Drive based on its mechanical leanings. As for a hidden ability, we’ll go with Friend Guard, because I secretly hope robots/AI will save us from ourselves.

Learn Set? Tackle (Learned at level 1), Growl (1), Tail Whip (4), Bulk Up (8), Cotton Spore (12), Feint (16), Tail Slap (20), Thunder Fang (24), Cotton Guard (28), Rollout (32), Stomp (36), Gyro Ball (40), Zing Zap (44), Strength (48), Wild Charge (52), Last Resort (56)

14. Ice/Steel

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Alolan Sandshrew line.

Our new Pokemon is? I’ve been saving my second regional form for the end here because I had a really good idea for this typing. And frankly, we could have seen it in either Galar or Alola. So we’ll go with Galarian Aegislash.

Abilities? Even with the Ice/Steel typing, Galarian Aegislash would retain the Stance Change ability.

Learn Set?  Note: Aegislash only learns moves prior to evolving, so all moves are level 1 here. King’s Shield (Learned at level 1), Head Smash (1), Aerial Ace (1), Metal Sound (1), Slash (1), Night Slash (1), Avalanche (1), Submission (1), Iron Head (1), Swords Dance (1), Sheer Cold (1), Iron Defense (1), Power Trick (1), Liquidation (1), Sacred Sword (1), Fury Cutter (1), Psycho Cut (1), Autotomize (1)

Theorycrafting Unique Type Pokemon (Part 1)

One of the more fun, yet challenging, post types I’ve written for this blog are my Pokemon theorycrafting posts. I’ve done a pair of them now, wherein I (along with some help) took some unused type combinations and used them to create new concept Pokemon. It’s an exercise that requires more thought than I’m willing to admit, if only because I do try to make an effort to think about the kinds of Pokemon I’d want to see in a game, how they’d balance, and what fits the world of a game I’ve been playing off and on since I was 12.

One of my fellow Pokemon bloggers, Lola from That Little Lola, presented me with an idea that we decided to turn into a collaboration. In the Pokemon games, there are currently — as of May 11th, 2020 — 54 Pokemon evolution lines or individual Pokemon that have unique typing combinations. An example of this would be Empoleon. Empoleon has a typing of Water/Steel, making it the only Pokemon with that typing. Similarly, there are two Water/Ghost Pokemon, however they are both within the Frillish evolution line. Both of these situations are considered to be unique type Pokemon for our lists.

Lola and I have divided these 54 Pokemon between us. From there, we’ll both be doing our list in two parts. You can check out the posts at the links below.

Lola’s posts – Part 1 | Part 2
My posts – Part 1 | Part 2

For my list, I’m limiting myself to no more than two regional variations per list. I think there were some missed opportunities in the regional variations, but I don’t want to do a whole list based off of them. Similiarly, I’m also limiting myself to no more than two evolutionary line additions/splits per post.

1. Poison/Flying

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Zubat line is the only Poison/Flying line in existence at this time.

Our new Pokemon is? Altaria might be the closest thing we currently have to a cloud Pokemon…until now. And no, the genies clearly don’t count. Anyway, the cloud Pokemon, Cirrus, and its evolution, Nimblust, are based on clouds. Of acid rain. Because the weather nerd in me wanted to make haboob jokes, but then I remembered that Gligar isn’t the only Ground/Flying line. Yes, I’m bitter.

Abilities? I mean, I am basing these Pokemon off of clouds that have acid rain in them. I feel like Corrosion is the natural choice here as a primary ability. There would be no secondary ability, but the hidden ability for this line would be the Poison-type version of Aerilate.

Learn Set? Acid (Learned at level 1), Gust (1), Sonic Boom (6), Poison Gas (13), Double Team (19), Air Cutter (25), Cotton Guard (33), Whirlwind (39), Sludge Wave (43), Rain Dance (50), Venoshock (57), Tailwind (62), Celebrate (69), Hurricane (77)

2. Water/Steel

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Empoleon

Our new Pokemon is? I don’t even care what region this is for. But why isn’t Dhelmise Water/Steel? We already got a Grass/Ghost Pokemon in the same generation as Dhelmise. There was no need for that to be its typing. So I’m writing a wrong and giving its regional variant a Water/Steel type.

Abilities? Look. You want Dhelmise to retain its Grass or Ghost roots? We’re doing that with abilities. For the primary ability, we’ll give this form of Dhelmise Sap Sipper, while making its secondary ability Dhelmise’s previous only ability, Steelworker. And to pay homage to the other form’s Ghost typing, the hidden ability for this form of Dhelmise will be an ability previously exclusive to Ghost types, Cursed Body.

Learn Set? Bubble (Learned at level 1), Rapid Spin (1), Water Gun (4), Wrap (8), Bide (12), Growth (16), Gyro Ball (20), Iron Defense (24), Pursuit (28), Whirlpool (32), Heavy Slam (36), Slam (40), Brine (44), Metal Sound (48), Anchor Shot (52), Muddy Water (56), Liquidation (60), Steel Beam (64)

3. Rock/Fighting

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Terrakion. Yes, I forgot it existed too.

Our new Pokemon is? We need a legendary bird based on the Roc, yes? Agreed. And I know what you’re thinking — why does this have to be Rock/Fighting? Why not Rock/Flying? Because I said so. We’re calling it Ruk. Quarantine brain has sapped my creativity.

Abilities? Since we’re not making it a Flying type, clearly our primary ability is going to be Levitate. That said, I’d like to propose the hidden ability here to be Gale Wings. Ruk will be learning quite a few Flying moves with its Rock and Fighting moves, so let’s give those priority.

Learn Set? Gust (Learned at level 1), Detect (1), Rock Blast (9), Wing Attack (15), Accelrock (23), Air Cutter (29), Storm Throw (37), Rock Slide (43), Bulk Up (51), Seismic Toss (59), Hurricane (68), Defog (77), Superpower (86), Rock Wrecker (94)

4. Flying/Fairy

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Togetic and Togekiss are the only Flying/Fairy types currently.

Our new Pokemon is? This one is 100% based on personal preference. I’m basing this off of the Baltimore oriole. They’re one of the few birds I like. And I don’t have a good name for this Pokemon. Admittedly, naming Pokemon is always my weakest part of these posts. I do it, but I’m not particularly good at it.

Abilities? The oriole is quite the common bird, so I’m thinking we’ll need some fairly common abilities here. Keen Eye and Early Bird make the most sense for main abilities for what is essentially a Spearow clone. As for the hidden ability, I think Anger Point is the best choice here, mostly because I want angry tiny birbo. Oh — and that Anger Point ability might be useful.

Learn Set? Peck (Learned at level 1), Baby Doll Eyes (1), Sing (5), Screech (9), Rapid Spin (12), Misty Terrain (17), Mirror Move (22), Moonlight (27), Pluck (32), Cosmic Power (37), Roost (41), Acrobatics (46), Power Trip (51), Play Rough (56), Brave Bird (63)

5. Fighting/Ghost

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Marshadow

Our new Pokemon is? Since Lola gave Farfetch’d a baby form in her post called Nearfetch’d, the only logical step was for me to make mine an evolution of Farfetch’d. We’ll call it Hoennian Farfetch’d and its evolution Whereveryouarfetch’d. 7.8/10, too much water.

Abilities? Female Whereveryouarfetch’d get the Ice Type equivalent of the ability Lightning Rod, drawing in Ice moves and boosting Special Attack. Meanwhile, the Male version would get the Ghost type equivalent of the Torrent ability. These abilities would have a titanic impact on the meta.

Learn Set? Peck (Learned at level 1), Sand Attack (1), Astonish (1), Leer (1), Triple Kick (15), Roar (20), Wing Attack (25), Shadow Punch (30), Curse (35), Brick Break (40), Swords Dance (45), Shadow Claw (50), Phantom Force (55), Final Gambit (60), Brave Bird (65), Meteor Assault (70), Explosion (75)

6. Grass/Ice

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Snover and Abomasnow

Our new Pokemon is? We’ve already got an ice cream-like Pokemon in the Vanillite line, but we don’t have a popsicle Pokemon. The wooden stick inside gives it magical grass powers. Wood powers? Idk. Its name will be Poppy. Because that’s both a play on popsicle and a type of flower.

Abilities? The obvious choice here is Ice Body because…um. It’s a popsicle. That said, allow me to posit an unexpected hidden ability: Healer. The number of times I’ve heard teachers talk about giving popsicles to kids who fall and smack their mouths on the playground leads me to believe this might be the correct hidden ability here.

Learn Set? Absorb (Learned at level 1), Harden (1), Ice Shard (5), Leech Seed (9), Floral Healing (12), Haze (17), Soak (22), Giga Drain (26), Icicle Crash (30), Iron Defense (34), Leaf Blade (38), Hail (43), Memento (47), Wood Hammer (55), Blizzard (62)

7. Normal/Water

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Bibarel. That’s it. Seriously, Bidoof is just Normal type.

Our new Pokemon is? Flooda. I don’t care if you pronounce it Flood-a or Flu-da. It’s a sentient glass of water.

Abilities? The only ability is Hydration. This is because there’s not a Quench ability.

Learn Set? Splash (Learned at level 1), Soak (9), Bubble (19), Life Dew (29), Refresh (39), Quick Attack (49), Recycle (59), Scald (69), Muddy Water (79), Milk Drink (89), Water Spout (99)

8. Water/Grass

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Lotad line.

Our new Pokemon is? In researching for this post, I came to realize there’s not a Pokemon based on moss or lichen. The scientific name for moss is Bryophyta, which is a kickass Pokemon name for a plant. I’d change it to Brophyta, but that just sounds like Bro-Fighta. And we’re Water/Grass, not Fighter/Fighter.

Abilities? It’s moss, so I feel like one of the abilities pretty much has to be Grassy Surge by default. And considering how much moss loves water, I’d think Storm Drain is a good secondary ability. As for a hidden ability, I’m kind of partial to Effect Spore, if only because of how much I love the Paras line, as well as the fact that moss and mushrooms tend to grow in similar places.

Learn Set? Absorb (Learned at level 1), Withdraw (1), Leech Seed (8), Camoflauge (13), Acid (19), Mega Drain (26), Bubblebeam (33), Ingrain (40), Spore (46), Muddy Water (51), Pain Split (58), Earth Power (62), Seed Flare (71)

9. Bug/Fairy

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Cutiefly line.

Our new Pokemon is? You’d think this would be where I’m using one of my regional variants — Bug/Fairy practically screams for the Butterfree line to be used — but no. Instead, we get a new Pokemon, this one based off of the praying mantis. And since it’s such a hardcore Pokemon, we clearly name it Manticore a– what? That’s already a thing? And it looks like a lion? Fine. Name it yourself then.

Abilities? Considering the female praying mantis’ habit of biting off the heads of their mates after copulation, a natural pair of abilities here seem to be Berserk and Hyper Cutter. The moveset will further play into the potential mixed attacker mold that these abilities put our Pokemon into. As for a hidden ability, that Fire type weakness is looking awful scary right now — that is, unless you have our Pokemon’s hidden ability, Heatproof.

Learn Set? Tackle (Learned at level 1), String Shot (1), Sand Attack (7), Bug Bite (12), Screech (16), Pin Missile (21), Draining Kiss (25), Silver Wind (31), Endure (37), Fell Stinger (42), Flail (47), Moonblast (53), X-Scissor (58), Play Rough (64), Fissure (72)

10. Poison/Ground

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Here’s where we’re going with a technicality. Nidoking and Nidoqueen are the only Poison/Ground types in the game. That said, since the reason they’re two different evolution lines is because of limitations that were in the original generation of Pokemon, we’re counting this as only one line having the typing.

Our new Pokemon is? Considering its early access to Poison Sting, I was always a bit confused how Sandslash didn’t get a Poison type evolution. So now we get it — Sandsludge.

Abilities? Sandslash’s two abilities are Sand Veil (primary) and Sand Rush (hidden). We won’t be changing those. But we will be adding a secondary ability, Poison Point. Not only is this a nod to the Nidoran lines, it makes sense considering Sandslash’s spikes.

Learn Set? Scratch (Learned at level 1), Defense Curl (1), Sand Attack (3), Poison Sting (5), Rollout (7), Rapid Spin (9), Fury Cutter (11), Magnitude (14), Swift (20), Fury Swipes (24), Slash (28), Acid Armor (30), Dig (33), Poison Tail (35), Gyro Ball (38), Swords Dance (43), Poison Jab (48), Sandstorm (53), Gunk Shot (58), Earthquake (64), Crush Claw (on evolution to Sandslash), Fell Stinger (on evolution to Sandsludge)

11. Rock/Dark

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Tyrannitar. Why isn’t Ttar Rock/Ground like its pre-evolutions, you ask? We have to show off that fancy new Dark type in Gen II. That’s why.

Our new Pokemon is? Fuck. I don’t know, man. An angry terracotta pot? It’s pissed that Link keeps killing all of its friends. We’ll call it Gannon to avoid copyright infringement.

Abilities? Weak Armor. That’s it.

Learn Set? Tackle (Learned at level 1), Harden (1), Sand Attack (4), Curse (8), Bite (12), Rock Blast (16), Pay Day (20), Crunch (24), Ancient Power (28), Taunt (32), Spite (36), Rock Slide (40), Assurance (44), Shell Smash (48), Spiky Shield (52), Earthquake (56)

12. Ice/Fairy

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? Alolan Ninetales is the only Pokemon with this typing.

Our new Pokemon is? I know that Galarian Darmanitan was intended to be a snowman Pokemon. But it’s horrifying. So this will be a happy snowman Pokemon. We’ll call it Snowgon.

Abilities? Snowgon is not good competitively due to trash stats. Its abilities mirror this, with its primary ability being Ball Fetch and its hidden ability being Honey Gather.

Learn Set? Splash (Learned at level 1), Hail (1), Fairy Lock (4), Ice Ball (8), Charm (12), Celebrate (16), Wonder Room (20), Rollout (24), Icicle Spear (28), Taunt (32), Zen Headbutt (36), Avalanche (40), Play Rough (44), Moonlight (48), Aurora Veil (52), Destiny Bond (56)

13. Ice/Ground

What’s the current Pokemon with this type? The Swinub line.

Our new Pokemon is? Alright. Hear me out on this one. This is our second regional variant of this post. And it’s going to be Kantonian Hawlucha. Why Kantonian? There are a ton of Ice types in the Seafoam Islands, giving this bird a place to train. And why Hawlucha? I felt like the Ice/Ground typing was a nice foil to its natural Fighting/Flying typing. And why is this bird a Ground type — you know, since birds fly? It’s going to be based on catch-as-catch-can wrestling rather than the luchador style of Hawlucha.

And since Hawlucha has a unique move, Flying Press, that’s Flying and Fighting type, we’ll give our Hawlucha variant a similar gimmick. This is the move below called Kip-Up — a physical Ice/Ground type move with 60 power that raises the user’s Speed and Defense one stage upon use.

Abilities? We’ll be keeping Hawlucha’s primary ability, Limber with this regional variant. That said, we’ll be going with another speed raising ability as its secondary ability, with this form getting the Steadfast ability. As for the hidden ability, I debated keeping Mold Breaker, but ultimately decided against it. That said, I do think a wrestling-based Pokemon would be capable of ignoring its opponent’s stat changes when making a comeback, meaning our hidden ability is Unaware.

Learn Set? Tackle (Learned at level 1), Hone Claws (1), Ice Punch (4), Rototiller (8), Sand Tomb (12), Mist (16), Encore (20), Submission (24), Dig (28), Taunt (32), Sheer Cold (36), Iron Defense (40), Kip-Up (44), Avalanche (48), Endeavor (52), Earthquake (56)

9 (More) New Dual Type Pokemon Ideas for Switch

Welcome to the last (for now) final Monday of the month blog post. This post is actually a collaboration post with Lola from Poke Traveller Lola. She and I decided to take a look at the final 18 dual-type Pokemon combinations that don’t exist and create our own Pokemon for them. Her post will be linked here when it goes live later this week.

I know what some of you are thinking. Tim…didn’t you do this before? And the answer is yes. Sort of. I am going to co-opt the format from that post (as I quite like it). That said, there’s a few additional rules I’ll be following this time that Stephanie and I didn’t follow last time.

  1. I must give a name to the end-stage Pokemon I’m designing.
  2. If there’s an evolutionary line, I’ll call that out, including names for the full line and evolution levels/methods.
  3. I must try to create one new ability somewhere in the post (this is my own challenge more than anything).
  4. I can’t reuse any ideas from the previous post.
  5. None of the Pokemon in this post will be regional variants of other Pokemon. That’s a whole other post.

1. Normal/Rock

What is the Pokemon Based on? There’s going to be a ton of part-Normal types on this list. And the thing about Normal type is that they tend to be based on animals we encounter in the real world. Which means we’ve seen them done to death. But you know what we haven’t seen that often? A bird that can’t fly. This Pokemon is based on the kiwi bird, which is both adorable and has the aerodynamics of a rock.

Evolutionary Line and Name(s)? Pumwi -> Granwi (level 24)

Abilities? Considering the massive size of the kiwi’s beak, one of its primary abilities has to be Big Pecks. I also like Early Bird because, you know, bird. For the hidden ability, I decided to go with an ability that belongs to another bird Pokemon, Decidueye, giving it the Long Reach ability for its beak.

Comparable Existing Pokemon? Something along the lines of Spearow and Fearow would make sense here, only with lower HP and Speed, but higher Defense and slightly higher Special Defense.

Learn Set? Peck (Learned at level 1), Baby Doll Eyes (1), Rock Blast (5), Defense Curl (9), Mimic (12), False Swipe (17), Rollout (22), Stealth Rock (27), Pluck (33), Sandstorm (38), Chip Away (43), Skull Bash (47), Rock Slide (55), Bounce (on evolution)

2. Electric/Fighting

What is the Pokemon Based on? Wait. Didn’t we do this already with Luchadora Pikachu? *checks notes* Apparently not. Huh. Well then. I’m picking a Numbat. And it’s a luchador. Because the name amuses me. And a robot Pokemon would be WAY too on the nose.

Evolutionary Line and Name(s)? Kimohmra

Abilities? We’re going to mix some abilities here, giving our new Pokemon Static as an homage to Luchadora Pikachu as one ability, while its second primary ability will be Unburden, which it shares with another wrestling-inspired Pokemon, Hawlucha. For a hidden ability, we’re going to give this Pokemon the dreadful Slow Start ability. This is because our Pokemon is going to be the babyface that gets beaten up throughout the early stages of the match, only to come back and win in the end.

Comparable Existing Pokemon? Interestingly enough, Hawlucha, but with better bulk.

Learn Set? Thundershock (Learned at level 1), Growl (1), Spark (7), Bide (11), Rolling Kick (16), Nuzzle (21), Force Palm (27), Thunder Punch (32), Mega Kick (36), Coil (41), Reversal (47), Taunt (54), Close Combat (61), Volt Tackle (68)

3. Normal/Ghost

What is the Pokemon Based on? I’m pretty sure the primary reason The Pokemon Company hasn’t done a Normal/Ghost type yet is because there’s no such thing as a normal ghost. That said, I knew what animal this would be inspired by immediately upon ending up with this typing. It’s the vampire bat. There really isn’t another logical option. The fun part about this is that you’ll have two forms thanks to your ability.

Evolutionary Line and Name(s)? Stomida -> Fangidae (level 18) -> Vlaidae (level 40+ at night)

Abilities? We’re going to do a new ability here loosely based off of Wishiwashi’s Schooling ability. When our Pokemon has above 25% HP it will be in its Vampire form, which uses its full compliment of stats. When it’s at or below 25% HP, it will be in its Bat form. In this form, its Attack and Special Attack are cut by 80%, but its Speed is doubled.

Comparable Existing Pokemon? Crobat, only it hits like a fucking truck in the Vampire Form.

Learn Set? Tackle (Learned at level 1), Astonish (1), Leer (5), Quick Attack (9), Disable (12), Shadow Punch (17), Night Shade (23), Hyper Fang (28), Moonlight (32), Drain Punch (36), Shadow Claw (41), Detect (46), Recycle (50), Oblivion Wing (59)

4. Fighting/Fairy

What is the Pokemon Based on? I hate that I made my self-imposed rule that I’m not allowed to reuse ideas, as I love my Jorgen von Strangle homage. So for this one, we’re going to have a really buff dandelion. People think they’re weeds. While they’re technically correct, they’re also wrong. I love dandelions. They’re fighters. That don’t attack. Unless you’re complaining about your lawn being attacked by them. In which case, you’re wrong. The base Pokemon will be based on the yellow dandelion, while the evolution will be based on the puffball dandelion.

Evolutionary Line and Name(s)? Danden -> Dandette (level 32)

Abilities? Do you know how hard it is to kill a dandelion? I thought so. Its first ability is Sturdy on principle. We’re also going to give a secondary ability that is the inverse of Speed Boost, meaning our Pokemon will get slower each turn. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Finally, we’re going to give it a hidden ability of Storm Drain, as the first moment it rains marks the return of dandelions across the Midwestern US.

Comparable Existing Pokemon? Shuckle. Yes, I know there’s so many more weaknesses here. But it really does amuse me to make an unkillable plant unkillable.

Learn Set? Absorb (Learned at level 1), Charm (1), Rock Smash (5), Fairy Wind (9), Bulk Up (15), Leech Seed (19), Curse (25), Recover (30), Growth (36), Revenge (41), Floral Healing (48), Rest (53), Final Gambit (59), Geomancy (67), Pollen Puff (on evolution)

5. Normal/Bug

What is the Pokemon Based on? To misquote my wife, there are no normal bugs and they all must die. But what is the most normal bug? I’m leaning a housefly.

Evolutionary Line and Name(s)? Buzzn -> Gnatign (level 20)

Abilities? Remember that whole kill it with fire thing? We’re cranking that up to 11, giving this fly the Fluffy ability straightaway. It’ll also get the Compound Eyes ability because it’s a fly and flies have those. As a hidden ability, I think most of us have probably been trapped in a house with a fly before and feel like we’re stuck. So I’m thinking the right answer here is Arena Trap.

Comparable Existing Pokemon? Houseflies are harmless so…shitty Dustox?

Learn Set? Pound (Learned at level 1), Minimize (1), Growl (5), Quick Attack (9), Bug Bite (14), Round (18), Powder (22), Facade (27), Wing Attack (31), Metal Sound (35), Swords Dance (40), Quiver Dance (45), Lunge (50), Uproar (54)

6. Ground/Fairy

What is the Pokemon Based on? What exactly would a Ground/Fairy type look like? In my mind, the first thought is a wood nymph of some sort. But based on that, you’d immediately think Grass, not Ground. So is it a possessed avocado or something? Clearly not. Avocados are evil and would, therefore, be a Dark/Ground type. Maybe a sentient compost heap? Fine, let’s go with that.

Evolutionary Line and Name(s)? Bogger -> Methene (level 34)

Abilities? Anyone who has ever been near a compost pile knows that the worst part of composting is keeping random farmers trying to grow organic vegetables away from your backyard. You’ve got to do something, but I don’t think our primary ability, Stench, is going to be enough. Nor can you just use this Pokemon’s secondary ability, Run Away, as they’re just going to find you. No. You have to go nuclear. You must use the Power of Alchemy (also this Pokemon’s hidden ability) to get away from them.

Comparable Existing Pokemon? Swalot, but with less HP and lower Speed.

Learn Set? Growl (Learned at level 1), Acid (1), Scratch (5), Mud-Slap (9), Poison Gas (14), Crafty Shield (19), Stockpile (23), Spit Up (23), Swallow (23), Magnitude (28), Amnesia (32), Grassy Terrain (38), Seed Bomb (42), Belch (45), Play Rough (49), Earth Power (55), Earthquake (59)

7. Normal/Steel

What is the Pokemon Based on? Prior to the release of Gen VIII, I would have made a Normal/Steel type a robin, a crow, or some other common bird. But then we got Corviknight and…it’s pretty much just that. That said, everything here is based on animals. So let’s go with a Pokemon based on a pair of scissors. And I literally mean a pair. It starts as one and evolves into two. Think Duoblade, but with arts and crafts.

Evolutionary Line and Name(s)? Scix -> Crafix (level 10) -> Shearix (level 25)

Abilities? I’d like to think the appearance of this Pokemon is slightly dictated by its ability. One with Light Metal will appear like arts and crafts scissors, while one with Heavy Metal will look more like pruning shears. There’s not any particularly good ability to throw on this Pokemon as a hidden ability, so since I likened it to Duoblade earlier, let’s say No Guard for the hidden ability.

Comparable Existing Pokemon? The resistances say Scizor, but the stats say Excadrill.

Learn Set? Scratch (Learned at level 1), Harden (1), Copycat (6), Sharpen (11), Cut (14), Metal Claw (19), Spikes (24), Slash (29), Smart Strike (33), Last Resort (37), Razor Wind (42), Swords Dance (46), Leaf Blade (51), Guillotine (56)

8. Ice/Poison

What is the Pokemon Based on? This is the only Pokemon on this list that I had an ability in mind before knowing what I wanted to make for the Pokemon itself. I ended up landing on a platypus, which is just a venomous duck, more or less. Except that its ability makes it unique on so many levels.

Evolutionary Line and Name(s)? Toxice -> Venichill (level 22) -> Neurikelv (with low friendship at level 35+)

Abilities? This Pokemon would get a brand new ability, Antifreeze. The premise of it is simple — if a damage-dealing move has a chance to inflict a status effect, be that burn, paralysis, sleep, or poison, a Pokemon with the Antifreeze ability will replace those move’s effects with an equal chance to freeze. Note that Pokemon with this ability CANNOT learn moves that have a status effect chance of above 30% (so not Toxic/Thunder Wave/Nuzzle/etc). Other effects like confusion and infatuation work the same as normal. Moves like Toxic Spikes and Fling that indirectly inflict a status aliment work as normal.

Comparable Existing Pokemon? A more offensive Toxapex, but with worse typing.

Learn Set? Poison Sting (Learned at level 1), Withdraw (1), Scratch (5), Water Gun (9), Nasty Plot (13), Acid Armor (18), Body Slam (23), Aqua Tail (27), Scald (32), Fling (36), Calm Mind (40), Ice Beam (44), Sludge Wave (49), Blizzard (56)

9. Normal/Ice – Blitzer

What is the Pokemon Based on? I mean. This is clearly where the direwolves from Game of Thrones belong, yes? Three stages. Starts as a pup. Then becomes a dog. Then it’s a majestic fucking wolf. Blitzer is a wolf Pokemon.

Evolutionary Line and Name(s)? Snuppy -> Blizzy (level 18) -> Blitzer (level up while knowing Foresight)

Abilities? What abilities can I give a Normal/Ice Pokemon? Normal. Ice. Normal Ice. Normalice. Yep. Refrigerate. Well, and Normalize. As for a hidden ability, let’s create the Fighting and Steel type version of Thick Fat. Let’s call it The Situation Room. Because if a Lucario so much as sneezes near Blitzer, it’s dying without it.

Comparable Existing Pokemon? Luxray? That feels like a good stat spread for Blitzer.

Learn Set? Tackle (Learned at level 1), Tail Whip (1), Growl (5), Scratch (9), Frost Breath (14), Howl (18), Ice Fang (22), Block (27), Bite (31), Shadow Claw (35), Foresight (38), Icicle Crash (42), Psychic Fangs (47), Haze (52), Thrash (58)

My Fire Emblem Awakening Head Canons

This post is a shitpost. Just warning everyone of that right now. In fact, this post was caused by a bit of nerding out I did on Twitter with Evey and Dem1Though mostly Dem, as she’s finished Awakening.. I recognize that I’m going to lose a lot of you very early on in this post — even more than I do with a typical Fire Emblem post and especially because I just did one on Monday — but we’re going with it.

In the more recent games within the Fire Emblem series, you have the option of pairing many of your first generation units off and marrying them. This is done mostly for the purpose of creating stupidly overpowered child units, though the parent units do get benefits from being paired together. The parent units also tend to get some of the best conversations and backstory in the game, which is to be expected as you spend over half of the game using them2Sometimes longer on higher difficulties. This is particularly true in the Fates games, where the children aren’t as overpowered.. That said, since there are numerous pairings of parents you can make in the game, all of which impact their future children in various ways, there really aren’t any canonical pairings of adults in either Awakening or Fates3A lot of people will make the argument that Sumia and Chrom are as close to canon as you can get in Awakening. While I see where they’re coming from — and I do tend to pair them — I don’t know that I consider it canon..

In doing multiple playthroughs of Awakening, I’ve developed my own mental pairings, or head canons, of the parent units in spite of the lack of rigidity in that regard that Awakening provides. As a result of my aforementioned Twitter discussion, I was inspired to write a post about this. Three things before I do though.

  1. Spoilers ahead. If you care about that.
  2. Again, these are my own head canon pairings. Clearly there’s nothing set in stone in Awakening, not to mention a few of the pairings I mention below aren’t even the most logical ones in my mind (for reasons you’ll see below). If you disagree with these, or if you have your own head canons for the game, please share them in the comments.
  3. I’m basic this list off of the female units in Awakening, as they control the children. That said, you’ll see at least one male repeat for reasons that will become clear below.

Female Robin

Because female Robin can be paired with any male in the game, regardless of generation, there are so many more options opened up to Robin than any other character. Even beyond that, she does take away a potential father from someone else in the game if you use her as a unit4Unlike Birthright which all but requires you to play as Female Corrin to get all the child units.. That said, if you’re playing as a female Robin, the most logical marriage in my mind is RobinxChrom5All marriage pairings will be notated in this post as Female Unit, then an x, then the male unit.. It just adds to the depth of Lucina’s character once she does join the game, not to mention that Chrom has the best written supports with Female Robin. While Female Robin isn’t the best person for Chrom6Probably Sumia? Or village girl., he is the best pairing for her.


As I was mapping out my post, I wrote down who my head canons were for every single female unit to help structure things. Except Lissa. I just wrote “fill” for her. I kept going through the possible pairings with her in my head, only for all of them to sound lackluster. Then it hit me. I had forgotten Henry exists. Think about it. Both Lissa and Henry are a bit childish without being too whiny about it. Owain already has a dark streak running through him, not to mention a weird sense of humor that only Henry has. LissaxHenry might be the most logical pairing in the game. I have no idea why I couldn’t think of this.


I like Sully much more for her character in cut scenes and her introductory chapter, as well as her interactions with her daughter, Kjelle, than I do in any of her support with her potential spouses. Yeah, Stahl gives the red/green cavalier trope that Fire Emblem has, and yeah, pairing her off with Libra gives Kjelle double honorable parents to develop her personality. But I enjoy having SullyxDonnel as my pairing the most because of the amount of respect the two of them give each other throughout their support. Donnel is one of the males that’s a pretty good pairing with most of the females, but he’s particularly well paired with Sully’s brash mannerisms.


The only support I enjoy because of the way they talk about combat and training with one another, I find that MirielxFrederick happens in most playthroughs of Awakening for me. Laurent’s personality is so much a mirror of his mother that nearly anyone could be his dad. But Frederick is such a good pairing with Miriel in terms of how they learn from each other on the battlefield that I feel like they’d naturally end up together anyway. Granted, that could be as battle partners more than lovers, but I think they have a weird chemistry to them anyway.


Sumia’s so bland and has so few supports that there’s not really any good options. In reality, I nearly always pair her off with Chrom. But I do that because I want to give Lucina the Galeforce skill and because Chrom’s conversations with Cynthia in her recruitment chapter are genuinely some of the funniest in the game. That said, Sumia doesn’t have a good pairing available to her with any of the adults. My true head canon here is SumiaxInigo, as not only would Sumia totally swoon for Inigo’s charming ways, Inigo would be a hilarious dad for Cynthia.


Maribelle, like Panne below, is a character whose child plays a bit more into my head canon of them than most units. Maribelle’s son, Brady, is a common speaking behemoth of a man with the sophistication of a noble musician. Clearly his class came from his mom, but who did the uncouth ways7As Maribelle terms them. get inherited from? Considering our available options, only MaribellexVaike makes sense for a pairing. You might be able to make a small argument for Gregor or Stahl as Brady’s dad, but neither one of them is quite as perfect of a fit as Vaike.


Panne is one of the most underappreciated units in Awakening, largely because she starts out with the terrible Taguel class. Her offspring, Yarne, is also one of the more annoying characters in a cast of children that can be one-dimensional at times8Outside of Lucina and MAYBE Gerome…but unless you pair Lucina and Gerome, that’s hard to see.. For whatever reason, Yarne’s scaredy cat tendencies lead me to believe that PannexRicken is the only acceptable head canon. Like his dad, Yarne has to go through the whole ugly duckling phase, only he also has to do it as a member of a race that’s in single digits. It’s a big, awkward family.


Chrom. It’s fucking Chrom. But it can’t be Chrom. Because you can’t pair CordeliaxChrom even though it’s the most logical pairing in the entire game. Princely dad, heroic prodigy mother, heir to the throne prodigy older daughter, spiteful younger daughter who resents everyone else. WHY ISN’T THIS PAIRING A THING? I usually marry Cordelia off to Stahl or Henry, but I don’t like it.


God. They’re all pretty creepy. Nowi’s support are so cringeworthy that I skip them. That said, I feel pretty strongly that NowixKellam is the only logical answer here. Since Nowi is pretty much immortal and since Kellam is lost to the annals of history in nearly all of his endings, it’s a sad though apt way for Kellam to be married off. He becomes a forgotten blip, even in the extremely long life of a manakete.


Tharja is sadistic. In nearly all of her supports she’s cruel to her potential mate or she’s busy stalking Robin. This is the case with TharjaxGaius too. Yet with her supports with Gaius, it almost comes across like Tharja — oh evil dark mage who’s just cruel to everyone — can’t get the upper hand on the happy-go-lucky bandit. And that amuses me to no end. I’m also of the thinking that this is the parent set of Noire for another head canon of mine, NoirexMaleRobin.


I don’t know that there’s really a good pairing for Olivia in the game. My head canon for her is OliviaxStahl, but I recognize that it’s not a good pairing. It’s basically Lon’qu’s supports, only Olivia is scared of Stahl. Mind you, Stahl is as imposing as a piece of bread. But they just belong together. I say this even though Inigo has a much closer personality to Vaike or Virion than he does to Stahl. Maybe it’s the hair? Maybe I just like Stahl and want to see him happy, even if he does have to hide his engagement ring in a letter? I can’t really justify this one. It just is.


There aren’t a ton of feelings in the support conversations of Awakening once you get outside of the main characters9For this, I’m going to classify main characters as Chrom, Robin, and Lucina, as well as Chrom’s immediate family of Emmeryn and Lissa.. And in many of the supports, Lon’qu’s entire gimmick is that he’s afraid of women. But do a playthrough with CherchexLon’qu and try to tell me that you’re not immediately 100% more invested in both of them as characters. Cherche has some great supports with many of the male characters10Frederick, Henry, and Stahl come to mind.. But…fuck. The first time I read their supports, I wasn’t expecting the hard left turn into murdered ex-best friend/lovers.

Special Honorable Mention – Flavia

You should be able to marry Flavia to any male adult in the game. She’s that kickass of a character. Since you can only marry her to male Robin, clearly that’s her pairing. But might I present Flavia’s true pairing: FlaviaxFrederick. Think about it. You have the man with the single most badass line in any Fire Emblem game and you pair him with a woman who looks like she could rip your head off with her bare hands in the morning before ruling from horseback in the evening. How isn’t this a pairing?

What’s My Pokemon Team?

I haven’t been in the mood to write fiction lately. Really, I haven’t been in the mood to write a whole lot of anything1For context, I wrote this post back at the end of November. I was struggling to write ANYTHING at that point. I just didn’t post this until now because other stuff took precedence.. That’s not to say I’m not writing. I’m writing plenty for work. I wrote a 35+ page outline for my next story project that only one set of eyes besides my own has seen. But I just haven’t felt like writing.

At the same time, I’ve been watching/listening to a ton of videos on YouTube. While some of those videos have been for the aforementioned writing project, a large portion of them have been video game videos — in particular Pokemon and Madden 18 videos. As I mentioned in a few of my previous posts, I like taking concepts from Poketube posts and trying to write them up to see how I’d answer them, albeit in non-video format2I did the whole “let’s talk on YouTube about things” gig. It wasn’t my thing. Podcasting, on the other hand, I really loved..

This post was inspired by a pair of videos, the first of which is a video from a Poketuber named Ace Trainer Liam. His form fight series is one of my favorite series to watch on YouTube, however the premise of this post follows the video below.

As the video indicates, the four components of my post are to be as follows:

  1. What trainer class would you be?
  2. How many Pokemon would you have on your team and why would you have that many Pokemon?
  3. What Pokemon would you have and why?
  4. What would their moves/abilities/etc be?

You’ll notice that I took a slight deviation from the original format in the post, if only because I believe the idea of why I have a certain number of Pokemon on my team is less interesting than the Pokemon themselves. So, let’s get right to it.

What trainer class would you be?

To make a relatively accurate estimation of what trainer class I’d be, I needed a better understanding of all of the various trainer classes in the Pokemon games. I’ve played a high percentage of the main story games at least in part, though there’s a few generations I haven’t played all the way through3I’ve played about 50% through both Gen IV and Gen V, while I haven’t played Gen VI at all. to know every trainer class that’s out there. As such, I relied on a series of videos made by one of my favorite Poketubers, TamashiiHiroka to gain a better understanding of the various classes. The video below is long, however, you can just watch from about 1:37 to 2:05 to hear about the class I picked.

This video is the third of three videos talking about all of the trainer classes. Watching all three videos led me to realize there’s so many more Pokemon trainer classes than I thought there were. I was originally debating between the Ace Trainer/Veteran4A class featured in the first video in the series. class and Pokemon Ranger, however I ultimately landed on the Pokemon Ranger class as my choice. It’s a relatively flexible class, which I like as I tend to have pretty fluid teams. Rangers tend to be protective of Pokemon, both wild and not, as well as other trainers. Considering the fact that I’ve gone out of my way to avoid hitting even the smallest animals while driving — as well as the fact that I’m pretty protective of people I’ve trained at my job (especially when they’re newer) — I think this class makes a lot of sense for me.

How many Pokemon are on your team and why?

Six. The answer here is always six in my mind. While trainers in the game don’t always carry six Pokemon, I feel obligated to do so, as it’s rare that I make it to the first gym of a Pokemon game without a full team of six Pokemon. So that’s what I’m doing.

What Pokemon would you have and why?

I’ve decided to pick the six Pokemon I enjoy battling with the most in the main series games rather than any other specific Pokemon types. By doing this, I’m leaving off some of my favorite Pokemon5Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales remains one of my favorites in so many ways, but it just misses the cut off here., as well as Pokemon I’d use if I were creating an all-generations Pokemon team6Jynx was the hardest cut from this team., and even Pokemon with my favorite gimmicks in the game. That said, I present to you the six Pokemon that’d be on this team, as well as why.

Along with Chandelure, Toxapex was my favorite Pokemon to use in Pokemon Moon to run around Poni Island with to level up my lower level Pokemon for evolving. It’s the tankiest of tanks, particularly if it has time to get set up, and manages to be one of the few Poison Pokemon I’ve ever carried on my team for the majority of a main series game.

As a kid, I didn’t have friends to play Pokemon with. Since the Psychic type was broken as hell in Red/Blue and my lack of friends meant no access to Alakazam, Hypno was regularly my difficult Pokemon killer. Though I tried using Hypno again in later generation games — with little success — this spot is a throwback to a time where I made due in Pokemon with what I could find.

I love the versitility of the Eevee line, particularly when the Eeveelutions can do things you wouldn’t expect them to do. Prior to Gen VII, I didn’t realize that Sylveon’s hidden ability was Pixilate, which converts Normal type moves to Fairy type moves. This opened up a new world for me, making Sylveon the Eeveelution I have the most fun battling with…even if I do love Vaporeon the most.

Hi. I’m a bug and I’m broken as hell. Scizor was the first Pokemon I learned any sort of competitive Pokemon strategy with and, though I don’t battle online often, it’s almost always on my teams as a result. My in-game Pokemon Ranger trainer would use the non-Mega Scizor version that I learned first, though I tend to go between the set you’ll see below and a Mega Scizor set somewhat commonly, depending on which Scizor I want to bring in.

This spot almost went to Tsareena or Victreebel, as the Pokemon Ranger class historically carried at least one Grass type Pokemon with them. That said, I generally don’t carry Grass types aside from using Cut and the ones I do carry (Parasect, Venusaur, Lilligant) aren’t ones I really like fighting with. Instead, I went with the ghostly chandelier and all the chaos I can cause with it. Oddly enough, I run a relatively similar setup to what Ace Trainer Liam runs in the video at the top of the post, though with some differences you’ll see in the next section.

I don’t care that Articuno is garbage competitively. It’s my favorite legendary and I love using it in the main games. A bit earlier this year, I managed to complete the Pokedex in a Pokemon game for the first time ever, which involved me trading away an Articuno for Tapu Lele to fill my next to last slot. It made me a little sad to do so, but the bird of the North is showing up on my team here to make up for it.

What would your team’s moves/abilities/etc be?

For each Pokemon below, I’ve listed a name, gender, ability, nature, held item, and moveset I’d have them use on my team. Names come from what I’ve actually named these Pokemon in game. I’m not picky about natures when I actually play, but since I’m putting together a full team for this exercise, I figure why not. Links go out to Bulbapedia if you want to learn more about these Pokemon/their moves/whatever.

Name: Salacia
Gender: Female
Ability: Merciless
Nature: Modest
Held Item: Black Sludge
Moveset: Stockpile, Toxic, Venoshock, Surf

Name: Rolex
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Quiet
Held Item: Lum Berry
Moveset: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Dazzling Gleam

Name: 8-Bit
Gender: Female
Ability: Pixilate
Nature: Modest
Held Item: Pixie Plate
Moveset: Echoed Voice, Hyper Beam, Psyshock, Calm Mind

Name: Frank
Gender: Male
Ability: Technician
Nature: Careful
Held Item: Metronome
Moveset: Swords Dance, Bullet Punch, Fury Cutter, Roost

Name: Hololight
Gender: Female
Ability: Infiltrator
Nature: Timid
Held Item: Firium Z
Moveset: Will-o-Wisp, Hex, Flame Charge, Confuse Ray

Name: Skaoi
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Bold
Held Item: Leftovers
Moveset: Roost, Ice Beam, Hurricane, U-Turn